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Pure Storage FlashArray Enables TrialStat to Offer Clinical Trial Researchers 300 Times Faster Access to Data

Pure’s Evergreen Storage subscription allows TrialStat to upgrade its storage with no disruptions
Pure Enables TrialStat to Offer Faster Access to Data

Mountain View, Calif. – November 10, 2021 — Pure Storage® (NYSE: PSTG), the IT pioneer that delivers storage as-a-service in a multi-cloud world, today announced that TrialStat Corporation, a clinical data management on demand company, has adopted Pure Storage® FlashArray™ and Evergreen™ Storage subscriptions to speed clinical trial research and enable always-on data management services for its customers.

Clinical trial researchers collect and analyze massive quantities of data on the safety and efficacy of new pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and medical devices. In fact, a single clinical trial, which can run for years, has the ability to generate millions of records from thousands of participants globally. Trial efficiency depends on how quickly researchers can access and work with this data. However, many of today’s data management solutions conduct overnight batch processing, increasing latency in data capture and access, and ultimately slowing trial progress.

To solve this need, TrialStat simplifies data management with an interoperable, feature complete electronic data capture (EDC) platform, with real-time reporting, analytics, and data extracts. Replacing its legacy storage solution with Pure Storage FlashArray//X, the company is able to deliver the speed and real-time data access researchers need to complete studies efficiently and bring life-saving medical treatments and devices to market faster.

Loading a page of data (a case report form, for example) on Pure Storage is 300 times faster than on TrialStat’s legacy storage solution, having a load time of 3-5 seconds per page. TrialStat now experiences page load times in the milliseconds. This saves researchers hours of time as they access and work with the data. The speed of FlashArray and capacity freed up by TrialStat’s 11:1 data deduplication not only speeds clinical trial research, but enables TrialStat to dedicate time to new developer innovations over storage maintenance - from the use of AI to predict adverse events and improve trial safety, to speeding up storage and access to medical imaging and enabling patients to use wearable devices to provide researchers with real-time medical data.

TrialStat’s ability to deliver on its uptime guarantee is also a critical differentiator. Clinical trials run every day, worldwide. As a result, downtime is not an option. By leveraging Pure’s Evergreen Storage subscription, TrialStat is able to upgrade with no disruptions and expand its Pure infrastructure when needed.

“Storage is now a competitive advantage for TrialStat, supporting clinical trials running 24/7 with real-time data access and reporting, and an uptime guarantee. We are proud to say that our solutions running on Pure Storage give our customers a strategic advantage by improving the time it takes to run clinical trials while controlling cost.”

Chris Hamelin
President, TrialStat

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