SAP Copy Made Simple and Easy

Reduce SAP copy time and expense by more than 80%. Transform your SAP database operations with Pure’s unique Copy Automation Tool (CAT) for SAP – it’s included at no additional charge with every FlashArray.

Watch CAT for
SAP in Action

We’ve put together a demo of CAT for SAP copy, clone, and refresh operations that illustrates the tool’s speed, simplicity, and completeness – and the dramatic cost and time savings that result.


Whether for traditional SAP or SAP HANA, on physical or virtual databases, CAT for SAP makes copy, clone, and refresh tasks simple and fast. Have a look at the benefits of CAT in-depth.

An Integrated Tool to Accelerate your SAP

Pure’s Copy Automation Tool sweeps away all the complexity and expense of SAP copy, clone, and refresh – so you can drive productivity while innovating for your business. Watch the overview.

Powered by Purity//Run

CAT for SAP is built right into FlashArray’s container platform, Purity//Run – so it’s available right out-of-the-box. Nothing to install, no additional license required.

Learn How SAP CAT is Powered by Purity