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Better Together VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and Pure Storage

Building a cloud-native app? VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and Pure Storage are better together. Brady and Jase share why in this episode of Solutions in 6.
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Hello everyone. Welcome to another episode of solutions in six. I'm super excited to talk about how VMware Cloud foundation and pure storage are better together and to talk about that. I have with me our VM ware and vcF guru jay. Hey jess, Welcome to the show. Hey brady.
Glad to be here again. Let me quickly get into vcF. What is VcF? Vm provides a consistent architecture to build any app, Beat VD I or your container based applications on any cloud and we were Provides on top of it, intrinsic security and lifecycle automation to make it really,
Really easy to build these apps on any club Vegas Pure fit into This. We are very, very closely integrated with VM Ware and in fact work on a design partnership when it comes to building the walls for Vcf and we are collaborating across a host of VCF components, Be it C N S N V M E or fabric or SRL with
That one anecdote. Right. VCF is really built with validated Designs and I'm super happy to say that flash array was the first SAN arrays certified for Vcs as a validated design. Now, one of the, all this looks great. One of the things that I often get asked is is there a quick way to move to EC
F. Just absolutely. So one of the challenges with VCF at least in the, you know, From a conversation standpoint is customers believe that you have to buy new. Well you can use those existing investments that you have and what I mean by that is you Can repurpose existing gear and your fabric.
Now, if you'll notice I've got a particular infrastructure here in this illustration Deployed on pure storage flash right. It's really easy to move to VCF. We can start by adding a management workload domain. So that would be a V sand cluster four or five nodes, something along those lines that manages The VCF components with that. We can take our existing hosts,
We can decommission those. Okay, once we decommissioned those, we can then at that point commissioned them from A reinstall the sphere perspective commissioned them in VCF, Add them to that VCF platform. Uh once those have then been done we can deploy a workload domain on flash array.
You know, this can be the exact same flash array that is already in use or it could be a New new flash rate. It really doesn't matter. In that case. Now moving forward we simply repeat, Create additional workload domains and we've got a VCF environment now keep in mind BCF Doesn't really support a brownfield type approach but you can very easily reuse those
Investments that you have. Now, that's one option. Another option is you could deploy BCf on flash tak Flash jack is a turnkey solution that Vm Ware or that pure storage provides with with Cisco. We can run VM ware on it or some other particular use cases we can avoid those Deployment pitfalls challenges when it comes to deploying that full stack.
We do also use a VM or validated design when deploying VM ware on top of flashback and Now even today it's available as a service. Some of the other things that we also support With flash back, you can see here some of the other validated designs if you will, This is great, it's great to know that you can quickly get onto the cf now. How does pure really simplify like elaborate on the simplicity that VCS provides
Use. Okay, well one of the things that I really like When it comes to a vcF deployment with either flash stack or or or just flash right, For that matter and using your existing gear is we can standardize those node types and I look At this is kind of a t shirt approach perspective by standardizing node types, It makes it really, really easy to, for us to resize workload domains without having to move
Any data whatsoever on on flash array. We can run some of those VMS on the sand and we Can run a lot more on on flash array and really take advantage of that industry standard data Reduction and you know, any time we buy t shirts for whether it be a little league team Or those of us in our office, we always have some spare some extras that are of different Sizes and if we standardize these, it makes it a lot easier uh from a simplicity standpoint
Now. Additionally, if it happens to be a flashback Deployment, we do have what we call Smart Config that can really ensure that when we Deploy a platform it's always deployed the exact same way. So from a simplicity standpoint, smart Config with flash tak ensures that every time We deploy additional or deploy a new or even additional nodes in a BcF environment,
It makes it very simple. And that really kind of sums up, Is that flashback is simple? The cf infrastructure we can grow or shrink Resources on demand very, very easily without having to move any data on flash array. Non disruptive updates, both of the sphere as well as the s flash array itself. We can do those updates in place non disruptive lee we do have faster cluster
Recovery from an sx I fail over, there's no real protection involved, Those types of things. And I'll also add that we now have this Available as a service if that happens to be a more appropriate choice for your Enterprise now brady, where can we go to get more information? Absolutely. Before I dive into next steps let me throw it
Quick summary three takeaways we talked about one. Pure Pure is very deeply integrated into VcF two. It's very, very easy and quick to get onto easier fit Pure three flashback is the simple Vcf architecture That is if you're looking for more information, I have three different types of videos, a 20 minute video,
A 16 minute deep die and tons of VCF NPR demos. Now, I've totally enjoyed talking to you in this Webinar jess. Thank you. I really appreciate it.
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VMware provides a consistent architecture for building cloud-native apps called VMware Cloud Foundation. In this episode of Solutions In 6, Brady Kachapuram, Product Marketing Manager, and Jase McCarty, Field Solutions Architect at Pure walk through the different ways you can deploy VCF on Pure Storage products including FlashArray and FlashStack. They also cover how Pure's partnership with VMware helps simplify VCF deployment on Pure products.

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