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Data Mobility between VMware® and Native Cloud Platforms

Data mobility doesn’t have to be difficult. Cody shares how VMware and Pure Cloud Block Store™ can help you move data between on-premises and cloud storage solutions.
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Hi, my name is Cody Osterman and I'm a product manager here at pure storage focusing on our VM ware and cloud offerings and what am I gonna be talking about today? Well, kind of both of those things. Many customers today are leveraging the hybrid cloud, multi cloud, your cloud, whatever you want to call it. And this involves many different pieces on
premises. AWS as your and of course others. But of course, what do I do with this? How do I manage this? How do I get the data sets to where they need to be, when they need to be? What if I'm running a VM ware environment on premises?
What if I'm running hyper V on premises? How do I get it into AWS? How do I get it into Azure? How do I get some of these data sets? A common request because like hey, I have some sequel servers, I have some databases, I want to move over. I want to shift it with my other applications that are moving or I want to move part of the data lifecycle.
I want to run production on my flash array. I want the latency, the availability, the resiliency, I want everything that my application to enjoy today on premises. But you know what I want the elasticity of compute I want the dynamic resource management of AWS or Azure for my deV test of that particular workload for my scale, my analytics, whatever the case may be.
So how do I get these datasets over. Well, there's a couple ways from a Vm ware perspective, we offer a VM VM granular storage offering that can get individual virtual disks and replicate them directly into AWS and Azure, What's here? Cloud block store, also called CBS. Cloud Block Store runs the same code as the flash array purity,
but it's built not for flash, like the flash arrays, what it's built for AWS, it's built for Azure to not abstract the value from them, but actually to bring the value up and simplify the management and the cool piece about this is the data is mobile between these two offerings because they are the same code they support or asynchronous or synchronous active active replication between the two.
However you want to get the data there at what frequency or of course off flowing snapshots into AWS S three or as your blob from a VM a perspective, we can replicate individual virtual disks from your VM ware virtual machine into AWS and Azure and present them to EC two or Azure VMS From CBS after they've been replicated or pull them in from S three and blog and present them through CBS up to you how you do it.
There's a ton of flexibility through hyper V. We can take a CS V volume replicate that into CBS and do the same thing and mount that v h D on that C S v right right into these Ec two or Azure or Azure VMS bringing those workloads bringing those databases bringing copies of them over. And of course, it's not a one time procedure that replication is ongoing, making sure the point in time in the cloud,
in CBS is always up to date, giving a variety of options to scale out that workload when you need to scale it out. Thanks for listening.
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Discover how to migrate datasets from on-premises environments with VMware or Hyper-V running on Pure Storage FlashArray products to the cloud with AWS or Microsoft Azure.

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