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Greener Data Centers with Sustainable FlashStack Software-defined Hybrid-cloud Infrastructure

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) explores how FlashStack can help you meet your environmental, social, and governance goals towards a greener data center.
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Hello and welcome to this E S G video summary. My name is Aviv Kaufman, principal validation analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. And in this quick video, I'm gonna share with you some of our thoughts and findings from a recent E S G economic white paper that we published on the sustainability of flash stack hybrid cloud infrastructure from pure storage and CISCO,
environmental social and governance or E S G for short is a hot topic right now for governments, industries and corporations. We all want to make sure that what we're doing is sustainable E S G S. Research shows that implementing E S G initiatives are beneficial to the company resulting in improved brand development, profitability, staff retention and compliance.
Along with many more positive outcomes, investors, customers and partners want to ensure that the technologies, services and suppliers that they support take sustainability issues seriously and are well aligned with their own sustainability initiatives. Flash stack is a software defined hybrid cloud infrastructure based on the best of breed software and components from pure storage and CISCO.
It's not like other converged infrastructure solutions. It can be deployed on premise in the cloud or even as a subscription service and Cisco inters site provides singular and unified A I based management across all locations for compute storage, networking and applications. A large benefit of flash decks design is the ability to consolidate workloads running on
aging and inefficient hardware and significantly reduce the data center footprint through denser designs and proven data reduction technologies. By deploying less hardware at scale organizations use significantly less electricity to power and cool their data center. Modern companies that plan to survive for the long term must look beyond the current take
make dispose model of the planet's limited natural resources. The linear model many companies have been following for decades has proven to be problematic and irresponsible. A logical alternative to this model is the closed loop system also known as a circular economy model. This is an economic model where no waste is
generated after use, everything is ideally repaired, reused or recycled. And Cisco have made aggressive commitments to lower the environmental impact of their products, services and supply chain. Over the next few years, new and efficient technologies like Cisco X series and pure flash array allow for significant consolidation of services in a much smaller footprint and both technologies are
adaptable and future ready. Meaning hardware is designed for a longer usable life span resulting in less e waste ending up in landfills. Flash offers a great alternative to traditional infrastructure that is designed for a limited usable lifespan and meant to be refreshed every three years. This helps your I T organization better contribute to the sustainability initiatives of
your organization, but it also gets better. Not only does flash, make sure that you are doing your part for the planet, but sustainability initiatives also make sense for your business alignment with sustainability initiatives, improves brand reputation and customer retention. This in turn, improves revenue and increases shareholder value.
And there are operational cost savings to be had by lowering power cooling and floor space. As well as lowering the operational complexity of the system. Investment in flashback can help your organization meet and even exceed environmental and compliance mandates and government initiatives potentially avoiding fines and the costs and repercussions of being out of compliance.
How to begin the journey to a net zero future is a complex but necessary problem for organizations to solve. And flashback can help businesses bridge the gap today and get there by tomorrow and your customers are on board for that journey. Enterprise strategy group found that organizations are willing to pay a substantial price premium for more E S G compliant I T solutions.
In fact, 96% or nearly everyone believes that their organization would pay a premium for similar products from suppliers with a superior sustainability commitment for those organizations looking to better meet E S G mandates and do what is right for our planet today and tomorrow Enterprise strategy group recommends considering flash stack hybrid cloud infrastructure for more information and to download the full E S G report.
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In this ESG video summary, Aviv Kaufmann, Principal Validation Analyst at ESG shares some of his thoughts and findings on the sustainability of FlashStack software-defined hybrid cloud infrastructure by Pure Storage and Cisco.

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