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Propelling AI-Powered Business Outcomes with NVIDIA and Pure

Learn how Pure Storage and NVIDIA address challenges and present innovative ways to help our customers in their AI journey.
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Hello, everyone and welcome to Fireside chats with Pure and NVIDIA. I'm Mark Bridges, head of Global Alliances with pure storage. And I'm thrilled to kick off this series where we sit down with experts and thought leaders for insightful discussions. For our first episode. We're exploring how the Pure and NVIDIA
Partnership are addressing the challenges and presenting, presenting innovative ways to help our customers in their A I journey. I'm honored to be joined by Matt Hull. Matt. How about a quick introduction? Absolutely awesome to be here with you, Mark. Uh I guess I'm your first guess if this is the first in the series.
So as Mark mentioned, my name is Matt Hall. I'm with NVIDIA. I lead our go to market for our A I Solutions DGX platform and with NVIDIA about six years and have really enjoyed the partnership that we've had with pure storage over that time, right? Well, as you know, NVIDIA is a uh a deeply valued partnership for pure as well. So let's just dive right in and let me ask you,
Matt, what is the biggest challenge that you see business leaders facing uh in regards to A I today. Urgency speed. Um A I has been around a long time and the notion of the benefits that A I can bring has been something that's more aspirational over the past year and a half. We've seen A I really transform into something that is real.
As many different facets, many different applications and enterprises are realizing that they need to run very quickly to integrate A I in all parts of their business. Um Some of the challenges are it's complex. How do you go do this? Right? So we're partnering to make sure that we have very simple, ready to deploy solution so folks can move fast and with high speed,
uh there's a lot of inefficiencies around the A I infrastructure and the data pipeline. So we're working to address that together making sure we're addressing developer inefficiency. We're providing all the tools, making sure resources don't sit idle, um unpredictable performance, high cost complex upgrades, all of these things come together in a way that just makes it
really hard for enterprises to get started. So what we've done in our partnership is really thought about how do we make it extremely simple? How can an enterprise invest in solutions that have been tested vetted from world class players like NVIDIA and pure. So again, companies need to move fast, enterprises need to move fast and we're here to
help. Well, speed is the name of the game for pure storage. And I think we find um a lot of uh value in a shared um uh value for delivering extreme speed and, and high value to our customers. The impact to our customers is what's been preeminence of our focus for, for a few years here.
Now it's all about the data. Um You know, we provide the compute power. You, you guys provide the ability to store and move it. Um at its core A I is taking lots of data and computing it to get business outcomes. So question for you, we've had a long relationship. Um I think we were the first DGX pod solution with our A I Ready Infrastructure solution a
number of years ago. Um But from your point of view, mark over the past three years, how have we invested in the relationship? How is the invested investment changed? The relationship changed and how are we transforming it to help our customers? Yeah, I mean, that's been kind of the center post for everything we've done together,
right? Is keeping the customer at the middle of the conversation and making sure we're delivering those business outcomes and, and to your point, right? Pure and NVIDIA uh launched a partnership in 2018 with the introduction of A I ready infrastructure, affectionately known as Air and customers quickly adopted Air because of its simplicity.
Air eliminates that complexity you spoke of and speeds up the time to deployment and, and also allows organizations to benefit from faster time. To science. Um Piers also invested heavily and, and proud to be a uh base pod certified partner, delivering a complete reference architecture, again, saving time to deployment, uh model development and training.
And uh and look, this is, this is really important to our partnership. We've invested heavily in innovation and customer experience. Um Our selling partners uh have uh worked with us to make sure that we lead great customer successes with companies like Meta and Olympus and Nava Info. Just to name a few, we've got a lot of really strong use cases out there where we've
delivered great value for our customers together. Absolutely, we have a ton of deployments together. There are a lot of happy customers. Uh very cool to see. Yeah. So as we think about those different use cases where we're uh continuing to drive value for customers um as different use cases become more
prevalent, how are we shifting uh the way we message that to customers? So they understand the impact. Great question. Um As I mentioned earlier, you know, A I is taking lots of data and computing that data. There's a lot of commonality in the things needed to do A I.
But at the top of the stack, there are very different business outcomes by industry vertical, by application that need to be derived. Everything we do here at NVIDIA is looking at these industry applications, industry verticals and creating solutions that are specific to that domain So we are very invested in health care, life sciences, financial services,
higher education, public sector. And I know together we're planning to expand in the telecommunications media and entertainment and energy. So together NVIDIA and pure are really taking a very myotic approach to each industry and making sure that all of the tools from the compute to the storage, to the software stack, to the domain expertise are available for our
customers to use to accelerate their A I journey. Yeah, love it. I mean, I I love to see the progress we're making in some of these vertical plays together as we help think about really specific markets and really specific value we can add to those markets and those industries, we're very well aligned on that front.
So Matt, that brings us to the end of our chat today and thanks so much for joining me on our first of these fireside chats. Awesome. It was fun to be your first guest. Thanks for having me and uh thanks to the audience for tuning in. All right, and audience be sure to join us for more of these fireside chats as we ignite your curiosity and spark meaningful conversations. So until next time,
have a great day.
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Watch these fireside chats to discover how NVIDIA and Pure are collaborating so you can build more resilience into your organization. Hear directly from executives on topics ranging from technology innovation to sustainability to optimizing AI whether on the cloud or on-prem to strategies vertical stack.

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