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Pure Cloud Block Store: Long Term Data Archive and Recovery

In this CBS Lightboard, Anthony Lai-Ferrario walks us through how to enable long-term data archive and recovery through Cloud Block Store™.
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Hi. My name is Anthony Live Ferrario, engineer here at Pure Storage on the Cloud Block store team. Today, I'd like to talk to you about how to enable long term data archive and recovery with Cloud Block Store. One common thing that we've started to see across our customer base here at pure storage is that there are oftentimes legal or
regulatory requirements. That data needs to be preserved for a long, long time. And that can be difficult to do with your existing on premises architecture. But this might look like if you have an array deployed on premises serving some very important data
up to an application may be in a VM or in a server, and this data is operating regularly. This application is running. What you might need to do is you might have a requirement of, you know, one you know, maybe to seven years. I've even heard cases of 25 years plus of requirements to keep this data around, and that's painful to do on this production infrastructure.
This is where this is where we can help with Claude Bloch store and with pure product line in general. So one feature that we offer on all of our flash array products is the ability to replicate and send snapshots out to an object store. Mhm. This works both on AWS as well as Microsoft Azure.
But basically what you can do, you can take copies at whatever frequency you want. Maybe if these are for regulatory purposes, they're slightly less frequent. So maybe it's once yeah, per week and you can send those copies out to the cloud. Uh huh. And you'll end up with a string copies of that
data stored in this cloud bucket. Now, since this is just an object storage bucket, the cost of it can be very, very low. Um, and that's nice, because if you have to keep this data for a long time, you don't necessarily want to keep it on a high performance array like a flash array.
So that's really convenient for meeting these legal requirements Now, the challenge then comes. How do you how do you go and get this data in the case that you do get audited or something needs to be reviewed on one of these longer time frames? What you can do is you have two options. You can either actually pull that data back to your flash array,
create a new volume and expose that out and take a look at the data or if, for instance, your 20 years down the line, and this deployment is long since gone. What you can actually do is you can provision cloud block store instance in that same cloud environment where your bucket lived. What you can do with this as you can then attach it to this storage bucket,
even though the replication didn't originally come from there, and you can pull the data down to get access to those volumes. This way you can use a highly efficient, uh and you know, passive object storage to keep your objects and your volumes over these long retention periods without having to pay a significant amount of money for it.
And then, if you do need it, you have a simple way of, you know, getting access to that data right where you stored it. This can help a lot of folks who are facing legal challenges or regulatory challenges, as I mentioned before, and it's something that can be very challenging to do without a consistent operating system and software model like we offer across the flash array product
line. Here at pure storage, we found that a lot of customers can get a significant value out of doing a work full like this. And I hope you give it a shot if it meets your needs. And now you know how to enable archive work flows into the public cloud using cloud block store. Thanks for coming and have a nice day.
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