Pure Storage Technical Leadership Team

John "Coz" Colgrove


John "Coz" Colgrove was one of the founding engineers at VERITAS Software (merged with Symantec in 2005), where his 20-year career culminated as Fellow and Chief Technology Officer for the company's Data Center Management Group. Coz was the primary architect for the hugely successful VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM) and VERITAS File System (VxFS), and later served in various other engineering, management, and consultative roles. During his time at VERITAS, Coz became one of the industry's foremost experts on optimizing I/O streams and data structures for the unique idiosyncrasies of rotational hard drives, a challenge he's now re-solving for solid-state Flash memory. Prior to VERITAS, Coz was with Amdahl Corporation, where he was a key contributor to the development of the UTS mainframe UNIX operating system kernel.

After leaving Symantec in 2008 to pursue personal interests, he joined Sutter Hill Ventures in the role of Entrepreneur in Residence. It was there he observed the growing acceptance of solid-state storage by enterprises that led him to co-found Pure Storage with John Hayes, with the goal of fully exploiting the advantages of the new technology. Coz is a graduate of Rutgers University, and holds over 70 patents in the areas of computer system and reliable data storage design.

Corporate Environment at Pure Storage

Yousuf Khan


Yousuf Khan is CIO of Pure Storage. As the first to hold the role, Yousuf has helped Pure Storage scale infrastructure and processes through the fastest growth of any systems company in history. In addition to his instrumental role in the expansion and management of Pure’s internal infrastructure, Yousuf serves as a technical customer advocate, working closely with prospects and partners to provide strategic insight into challenging IT environments. 

With more than 15 years in the industry, Yousuf brings with him expensive experience in building infrastructure and application development. Through constant, targeted engagement with CIOs and other IT decision makers, Yousuf helps shape future generations of Pure Storage innovation by providing direct, practical feedback from industry peers. A frequent speaker, Yousuf’s areas of expertise include emerging solutions like public cloud, private cloud and SaaS, with a specific focus on how successful CIOs have strategically combined those solutions with modernized on-premises storage to build the strategic infrastructure of tomorrow. 

Prior to joining Pure Storage, Yousuf was the CIO of Qualys. The first to hold the position post-IPO, Yousuf led corporate infrastructure, IT security, business applications and sales operation. He also served as CIO of Hult International Business School, where he led global systems and established worldwide infrastructure across five continents. He graduated with a degree in Business Management from Kings College London.

Bob Wood


Bob Wood joins Pure Storage from Harmonic/Omneon. Before joining Omneon in 2009, Wood served as Vice President of File System Engineering at NetApp, where he led a development team spanning five development centers worldwide and was responsible for NetApp's WAFL file system and their next generation clustered file system. Bob earlier served as a Vice President for all software engineering on the original executive team of Decru. Bob then led the integration of the Decru engineering organization into NetApp, after its acquisition. Wood also was a member of the founding team and Vice President of Engineering for a venture-funded software company.

Bob began his career managing development for the Fiery product line at Electronics For Imaging (EFI). Bob holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from University of Colorado, Boulder. He also holds three U.S. patents, has three patents pending, and has five published papers.

Colin Mead


Colin Mead has more than two decades of international support and services leadership experience in the high tech industry, supporting global enterprise, government and managed services IT environments. He joins Pure Storage from Riverbed Technology where he was the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Support. Colin was responsible for all aspects of its $450M post sales support business including technical support, logistics, renewals, support partner program and system operations. While in this role, he was awarded the Technology Services Industry Association's (TSIA) highest award for customer service excellence four years running, in addition to being recognized by JD Power for providing an "outstanding customer service experience."

Colin is a graduate of Thames Valley University in the UK and St Mary's in Moraga, CA. He also held executive positions at Mirapoint and N.E.T.

Alex Hesterberg


As VP of Customer Success and Technical Field Operations, Alex Hesterberg is chartered with focusing Pure's Sales Engineers, Field CTOs, Solution Architects, Professional Services, Training and Certification teams on customer and partner success. Having held leadership roles at high growth companies like Riverbed Technology, Sailthru Inc. and Symantec (via the VERITAS Software acquisition), Alex is passionate about cross-functional alignment within field organizations and always improving the customer experience.

While at Riverbed Technology, Alex built and scaled the Worldwide Riverbed Professional Services organization during Riverbed's period of hyper growth. This organization consisted of Riverbed Consulting, Riverbed Training and Riverbed Certification (RCSA, RSCP). Alex led high-performing Professional Services and Sales teams at Symantec, Customer Success and Sales teams at Sailthru Inc. and started his career as a Project Manager and Database Administrator at Computer Sciences.

Brian Pawlowski


As Vice President and Chief Architect, Brian Pawlowski is focused on product and architecture development, with an eye toward simplifying the user experience.

Prior to Pure Storage, Brian was a Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at NetApp for more than six years, leading the design of high performance, highly reliable storage systems. Brian led the design for NetApp's first SAN product and holds several patents related to that work. He also worked on open protocols for storage since an earlier role at Sun Microsystems, was co-author of the NFS Version 3 specification and is currently co-chair of the NFS Version 4 working group at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

Brian is currently a member of the Board of Trustees of the Anita Borg Institute, where he is working with other board members to increase opportunities for women in technology.


Corporate Environment at Pure Storage

Chadd Kenney


Chadd Kenney serves as the Chief Technical Officer of the Americas at Pure Storage, where he is a senior technical advisor to engineering, product management, sales, marketing and presales leadership in the field. Chadd joined Pure Storage in 2012 as a founding member of the technical sales staff, assisting in the development of the go-to-market strategy and creation of the sales force to disrupt the storage industry.  

Previously, Chadd was the Field Chief Technical Officer and Divisional Systems Engineering Director at EMC Corporation. Chadd has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems and Accounting from San Francisco State University, College of Business.

Corporate Environment at Pure Storage

Aaron Skogsberg

CTO, Americas

Aaron Skogsberg serves as the Chief Technology Officer of Americas at Pure Storage, where he is a senior technical ambassador to engineering, product management, sales, support, escalations and presales leadership in the field. Aaron joined Pure in 2013 as an early technical sales executive, assisting in the development of the go-to-market strategy and creation of the technical sales force leading the disruption of the storage industry.  

Previously, Aaron held many technical and management leadership positions during his tenure at EMC ranging from product management, engineering and sales engineering. Aaron is currently pursuing his Bachelors of Computer Science at Penn State University.

Corporate Environment at Pure Storage

Alex McMullan


Alex McMullan serves as the Chief Technical Officer of EMEA at Pure Storage, where he is a senior technical advisor to engineering, product management, sales, marketing and presales leadership in the field.

Prior to Pure Storage, Alex oversaw storage, database and data warehouse engineering at Barclays. Before joining Barclays in 2008, Alex managed the storage and distributed computing infrastructure at UBS starting in 2004.

Alex began his career writing flight/test software at British Aerospace, CAD 3D modeling software at Parametric Technology and the RDBMS engine at CA for Ingres before moving into infrastructure design and implementation. Alex transitioned into professional services at Sun and VERITAS.

Alex holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in engineering from Liverpool University. 

Michael Cornwell


Michael Cornwell joined from Sun Microsystems where he served as Lead Technologist for Flash Memory. He was responsible for development of NAND flash memory technology for Server and Enterprise applications including the first NAND designed for enterprise applications in partnership with Samsung Semiconductor. Michael led creation of world's fastest storage system, Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array, utilizing all-flash design and core building block in TPC-C record-breaking transactional database machine developed by Sun/Oracle. Previously, he was the Manager of Storage Engineering for the iPod division of Apple, Inc. In this role, Michael was instrumental in the adoption of NAND flash in Apple products including iPod and iPhone.

Prior to joining Apple, Inc., Michael worked at Quantum Corporation as a Storage Architect focused on storage telemetry, virtual tape and disk-based backup technologies. Michael holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University of California at Santa Cruz. He has 36 U.S. patents awarded in flash and other storage technologies.

Vik Nagjee

VP and CTO, Global Healthcare Solutions

Vik Nagjee serves as the VP and CTO for Global Healthcare Solutions at Pure Storage, where he is responsible for Pure’s healthcare solutions, strategy and market development. Vik has more than 15 years of experience working in the healthcare technology sector and held several roles at Epic and InterSystems. Prior to joining Pure, Vik was the CTO at Epic, the world’s leading Electronic Medical Records provider, where he directed the architecture, implementation, execution and business development of Epic’s new service provider business, Epic Hosting. Vik began his career at Epic as a software engineer and built the foundations of Epic’s core infrastructure. He then moved on to several roles within Epic, where he partnered with CIOs and CTOs at the largest healthcare organizations to optimize the success of multi-million dollar installs and supported sales opportunities. Vik was also responsible for product security and regulatory compliance to help ensure the security of information systems and patient health information. In his role at InterSystems, he helped prospects, application partners and end users find the perfect solutions for their data, processing and system architecture needs. Vik has Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering, Computer Science and Accounting from Purdue University.

John Hayes


John Hayes joined John Colgrove to co-found Pure Storage in 2009 after serving in Yahoo!'s Office of the Chief Technologist, where he investigated web architectures for collaborative development of highly-reliable systems. He joined Yahoo! via the acquisition of Bix, where he was a founding engineer. John's work prior to Yahoo! focused on developing distributed platforms for real-time interpersonal interaction in a variety of areas including entertainment, medicine, psychology, and defense.

During this time, John became interested in the underlying architecture of reliable distributed systems, particularly those built from unreliable components. His diverse experiences have led him to develop new approaches to make today's increasingly complex distributed systems more reliable. John holds a degree in Computer and Systems Engineering from Guelph University in Ontario, Canada.

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