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The storage industry is facing the biggest disruptor it's seen in thirty years - the transition from mechanical disk to solid-state storage. This enormous opportunity opens doors for new engagements as users actively seek a better understanding of what flash can bring. Pure Storage's focus on making flash affordable and resilient makes it a perfect fit for reseller engagements - exciting new technology with a strong economic value proposition.

Why Sell an All-flash Array?

  • Disruptive new technology that most users haven't seen
  • Differentiators are broadly attractive (cost, power and size)
  • Features are differentiated and hard to replicate
  • Benefits are amplified by current IT trends like virtualization

Why Partner with Pure Storage?

  • Company is strongly focused on selling through partners
  • Dedicated resources to help you succeed
  • Lead generation and sharing programs
  • A simple registration process with a fixed SLA
  • Collateral and project management for joint customer events
  • Healthy commissions

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