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The only Cloud-Era Flash Array designed for the big data and concurrent workloads that will drive tomorrow’s discoveries, insights, and creations. See how we did it.


  • Scale-out everything instantly by simply adding blades
  • NFS, Object/S3
  • Centralized cloud management and support via Pure1™


  • Up to 17 GB/s of bandwidth per chassis, and 1M IOPs
  • Fast metadata IOP operations
  • Consistent all-flash performance with no caching or tiering


  • Up to 10s of Petabytes
  • 10s of Billions of files and objects
  • 10s of Thousands of clients connected
  • All in an unbelievably-small all-flash footprint

The Elements of FlashBlade

Three components combine to deliver elastically-scalable capacity and performance.


Scale-out with DirectFlash and processing power on each Blade.


Purity for FlashBlade drives scale, density, and simplicity.


Low-latency, software-defined 320Gb/s Ethernet fabric.

Like Nothing Else You've Seen

Just a few of the reasons FlashBlade is unprecedented.

Elastic Scale-Out

Scale-out everything online and instantly by simply adding blades. Each blade adds capacity, performance, metadata scale, NV-RAM, and client connections.

Easy to Manage

FlashBlade includes a built-in GUI and CLI, as well as our Pure1 cloud-based management and support platform. A single administrator can manage a FlashBlade deployment of any size.

Consistent All-Flash Latency

DirectFlash ensures that no operation is ever waiting for access. FlashBlade accelerates large-block and small-block IO, and makes both user IO and metadata operations flash-fast.

Resiliency You Can Trust

Blades are deployed in N+2 redundant fashion to protect against flash or full Blade loss. When Blades fail, the system automatically heals-around them, returning FlashBlade to full resiliency.

320Gb/s Ethernet Throughput

High performance fabric with object messaging and distributed transaction protocol to ensure fast and reliable communication between Purity instances running on each blade.

Metadata Performance

75% of NFS operations are metadata-only operations, like GetAttrs. FlashBlade implements a scale-out Metadata Map, used by all layers of the system, which is independently queryable for powerful analytics.

Effortless by Design

Drowning in aggregates, volumes, pools, and caches? Petabyte-scale storage has never been this easy.

Simple to Deploy

Deploy as a single 4U appliance, with a minimum of 7 blades. All networking is internal, and all software included. No tuning or configuration necessary.

Simple to Scale

Scale out by inserting new blades into the system. Blades are ultra-low latency, 8 & 52TB capacity, and hot-pluggable. No pre-configuration or planning required.

Simple to Manage

With a built-in GUI and CLI, as well as cloud-based management and support from Pure1, a single administrator can manage a FlashBlade deployment of any size.

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