Big. Fast. Simple.

Build your own cloud-scale data platform – one blade at a time. Easily accessible and manageable, and integrated right into your DevOps workflow. All that in just 4U.

Big (and Slow) Data
Was So 2015

We built FlashBlade to be ready for the big, fast, and dynamic data demands of the cloud era. That means cloud-native applications, super-charged analytics, and ground-breaking opportunities
in science and media.

The Elements of FlashBlade

Three components combine to deliver elastically-scalable capacity and performance.


Scale-out easily with flash and processing power on each Blade.


The software heart of FlashBlade, designed for scale.

Elastic Fabric

Low-latency, software-defined 40Gb/s Ethernet fabric.

Like Nothing Else You've Seen

Just a few of the reasons FlashBlade is unprecedented.

Elastic Scale-Out

Scale-out everything online and instantly by simply adding blades. Each blade adds capacity, performance, metadata scale, NV-RAM, and client connections.

Consistent All-Flash Latency

100% flash architecture ensures that no operation is ever waiting for disk. FlashBlade accelerates large-block and small-block IO, and makes both user IO and metadata operations flash-fast.

Metadata Performance

75% of NFS operations are metadata-only operations, like GetAttrs. FlashBlade implements a scale-out Metadata Map, used by all layers of the system, which is independently queryable for powerful analytics.

N+2 Erasure Coding Resiliency

Blades are deployed in N+2 redundant fashion to protect against flash or full Blade loss. When Blades fail, the system automatically heals-around them, returning FlashBlade to full resiliency.

100% Flash, 0% SSD

FlashBlade uses 100% raw MLC NAND, and all functions of flash management and error recovery are handled by the Elasticity software. This ensures the highest performance and lowest overhead.

No Stacked Protocols

Other arrays often start with a single protocol, then stack others on top – with each inheriting the limitations of the layers. Elasticity implements a common Object Core – and then all protocols are peers on top.

Pure Simplicity by Design

Drowning in aggregates, volumes, pools, and caches? Petabyte-scale storage has never been this easy.

Simple to Deploy

Deploy as a single 4U appliance, with a minimum of 7 blades. All networking is internal, and all software included. No tuning or configuration necessary.

Simple to Scale

Scale out by inserting new blades into the system. No pre-configuration or planning required. Mix-and-match Blade capacities to ensure future expandability.

Simple to Manage

With a built-in GUI and CLI, as well as cloud-based management and support from Pure1, a single administrator can manage a FlashBlade deployment of any size.

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All FlashBlade specifications and features are preliminary and subject to change prior to the GA version release.

Features and pricing preliminary until general availability. Images are illustrative. Final product design may vary/differ.

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