Evaluate Pure Storage

“After deploying flash, and at the data layers, we saw phenomenal response time improvements. Queries, which would take 30 milliseconds, were taking 2 milliseconds. I don’t need to worry about that any more. We unlocked the bottleneck that was there. It definitely helped us solve the problem of scale. That shows up in our numbers in terms of 300 million [users] and going.”

Neil Pinto, Senior Director Data Operations, LinkedIn

“Flash was the right answer for all our OLTP environments, while it was a slight capex cost premium for us initially, it ended up driving our TCO much lower and enabled developers to do more, enabled storage engineers to do a lot more work, enabled database administrators to sleep at night, just made everything a lot easier.”

Justin Stottlemyer, Fellow, Shutterfly

“Pure Storage was the only vendor to meet or exceed our performance, scalability, simplicity expectations at a reasonable cost.”

Brent Allen, Director of Infrastructure, Skullcandy

“…we weren’t sure about what applications we might be running in the future….we knew that our IOPS might be anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 depending on what the search application is doing at the moment…rather than having racks and racks of spinning disk, we knew we could just throw in a Pure [FlashArray], not use a lot of power, have a simple UI, and then have the IOPs to scale up and down with our applications.”

Sasha Kipervarg, Sr. Manager of Syman Infrastructure Engineering, Workday