Date: September 24, 2019
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Type: Local Event

Event Starts In: 10 Days

Using AI for Predictive Maintenance and Platform Sustainment

Pure and NVIDIA are hosting an EBC in TX

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AI represents an unprecedented opportunity for organizations to improve operations, deliver better customer experiences, and drive improved battlefield outcomes through data-driven initiatives.

Please join Pure Storage and NVIDIA for our AI Empowerment Briefing where we will discuss how to gain a quick start in AI and avoid common pitfalls

Current State of AI + Top Government Use Cases

Artificial intelligence has arrived, and organizations everywhere are exploring how this technology can impact their services and offerings. As the federal government scrambles to prioritize funding and meet requirements, Lockheed Martin is uniquely positioned to help DoD modernize these processes and military platforms. NVIDIA and Pure Storage will discuss the AI opportunities that exist today, top use cases the DoD is looking to operationalize, and how we can all work together.

It’s All About the Data

Data is the fuel driving new insights and technological innovation. But so much data is stored in silos, out of reach of GPU-accelerated analytics applications and AI systems. Creating a data-centric architecture allows developers and infrastructure teams to house backup, data lakes, data warehouses, AI, Test/Dev, and analytic workloads on the same appliance while feeding data-hungry GPUs at speed. This increases velocity in development environments and shortens the time to deliver new capabilities to the warfighter.

AI at Scale and Leveraging the Developer Enablement Ecosystem (frameworks, SDKs, libraries)

Too many AI initiatives are stalled when the complexities of a “do-it-yourself” approach, with legacy technologies, leads to months of delays and idle time. AIRI is the industry’s first complete AI-ready infrastructure, architected by Pure Storage® and NVIDIA® to extend the power of NVIDIA® DGXTM systems. Powered by FlashBladeTM storage and NVIDIA DGX-1 servers, AIRI offers enterprises a simple, fast, and robust infrastructure capable of growing from AIRI “Mini” to rack-scale – and meeting AI demands at any scale, without downtime. AIRI delivers the modern technologies like GPUs, scale-out flash, and RDMA fabric needed to move tremendous amounts of data and accelerate your time-to-impact from AI.

Deploying AI Cloud to Edge Demo – FMV/Aircraft Platform Sustainment Demo

Sustaining complex platforms is the quintessential machine learning problem: massive volumes of data from distributed sensors enable a robust model that drives efficient and effective action, which produces more data to enhance the system. NVIDIA will show how computer vision algorithms, field-deployed on power-efficient GPUs, can both help technicians perform their work and generate key structured data to continually improve predictive maintenance algorithms.

How to Get Started and Build AI Mission Capabilities

So, you want to build AI capabilities but aren’t sure what getting started would entail – or maybe even what the art of the possible really is. NVIDIA and Pure Storage will walk you through a spectrum of GPU-accelerated AI systems, storage considerations, and technical resources available, and then present exemplary customer success stories to propel you forward.

Event Details

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Room: 200-1-R10
Fort Worth, TX 76108 200


9:00AM - 12:00PM

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