Date: November 10 - 12, 2020
Location: Virtual
Type: Trade Show

Join Us Online for Flash Memory Summit 2020

Pure Storage helps you embrace the future of data, infrastructure, and cloud - with a true, as-a-service model that's simple to manage and always evergreen.

Stop by the Pure Storage booth or checkout our speaking sessions to learn how to:

  • Gain rapid data insights to improve customer experience and accelerate time-to-market
  • Reduce cost of service delivery with agile multi-cloud flexibility and rapid global recovery
  • Improve IT productivity with zero downtime & AI-optimized support and capacity planning
  • Stay modern without disruption and consume storage when you need it, on-prem and in the cloud 

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Speaking Sessions

Flash Solutions for AI/ML and Big Data Analytics

Panelist: Rajiev Rajavasireddy

Session Description: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are without a doubt the hottest things happening out there in the tech world. They are changing the way virtually every industry is approaching solving their biggest problems. Implementations stretch from mobile devices all the way to the data center with compute, memory, and storage needing to be balanced to achieve optimal performance. Data is the most valuable asset in modern enterprises, and data analytics is the key to unlocking critical insights to better service customer needs and to competitively differentiate products and services in the marketplace. Uncover the key considerations when evaluating all flash storage arrays to address these applications.

Rajiev Rajavasireddy

Vice President Of Product Management at Pure Storage

Will QLC SSDs Replace Hard Drives (SSDs Track)

Panelist: Shawn Rosemarin

Session Description: QLC flash appears to be a winner in many mass storage and archiving applications because of its high access speed at relatively low cost. But will it replace hard drives everywhere? Are its capacities high enough and its cost low enough to make hard drives obsolete? Does its relatively short lifetime matter in applications where data is seldom accessed? What characterizes the applications where hard drives remain the right answer?

Intended Audience: Hardware and software design engineers, network managers and engineers, product planners and designers, enterprise storage system designers and engineers, enterprise flash and SSD product managers and marketing engineers, large-scale systems designers, engineering managers, storage consultants.

Shawn Rosemarin

Worldwide Systems Engineering at Pure Storage
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