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Pure Storage Delivers Pure Evergreen Storage Service (ES2) Along with Major Upgrade to Evergreen Program

Customers Around the Globe Can Now Leverage Storage-as-a-Service and the Extendable Right-Size Guarantee for a Subscription to Innovation


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.– May 23, 2018 – Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG), the all-flash storage platform that helps innovators build a better world with data, today announced significant updates to the Evergreen™ Storage program pioneered by Pure. Starting immediately, customers can subscribe to the Pure Evergreen Storage Service (ES2) for pay-per-use on-premises storage, as well as new Evergreen Gold and Silver benefits that extend the life of Pure’s existing Right-Size Guarantee with any capacity expansion - indefinitely.

Introducing Pure Evergreen Storage Service (ES2)

Evergreen Storage Service applies a cloud-like approach to on-premises storage that eliminates the need for forklift technology rebuys and planned downtime. With ES2, organizations can now leverage cloud-like, Storage-as-a-Service to adapt to fluctuating capacity requirements. ES2 is of course Evergreen, which allows organizations to benefit from future innovations, implemented non-disruptively behind the scenes. ES2 can be onboarded in days and offers customers a fully-elastic, scalable on-premises solution complete with tier-one, enterprise grade features. ES2 provides on-demand, enterprise-grade storage at up to 50 percent less than public cloud with proven reliability. ES2 is available for terms as short as 12 months with a base commitment as low as 100 effective TBs.

“The Evergreen Storage program isn’t just a great customer service model, it’s a feat of engineering,” said Matt Harris, Head of IT for the Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport. “Pure has eliminated the most painful part of storage purchase and maintenance with arrays that were architected for the era of flash, cloud and machine learning. While legacy systems require full rip-and-replace upgrades every three-to-five-years, Pure has designed its arrays to easily integrate new features, capabilities and technologies – like NVMe – so that the benefits are passed along to our drivers immediately instead of several years down the line. In today’s highly-digital, fast-paced environment, Pure allows us to add competitive differentiation in real-time.”

Health Catalyst helps clinicians and technicians in 100 hospitals across the United States improve care by combining its data warehouse with a set of sophisticated analytic applications for more effective modeling of healthcare data. Given its rapid growth and the fluctuating needs of its clients, Health Catalyst puts high value on flexibility. ES2 delivers the agility and flexibility benefits of public cloud, coupled with the resiliency, security, performance, and cost-effectiveness of tier 1 all-flash infrastructure.

“We were getting into a situation where we wanted to bring on new customers quickly, but the process of getting procurement authorization for additional storage imposed unacceptable delays,” said Dale Sanders, President of Technology, Health Catalyst. “ES2 is a perfect fit for several reasons. It allows us to add additional storage capacity on-demand with little risk, like a public cloud, with a predictable pricing model that we can easily apply to the pricing we offered to our clients. And, it maintains all the benefits we have come to expect from Pure Storage arrays.”

Engineered from the ground up to be purpose-built for flash, Pure Storage arrays remain in place and online while software, controller and flash media updates upgrade system performance and capabilities as they become available.

“With their flexibility and pay-as-you-go pricing, cloud storage services are providing excellent options for IT organizations, but are still not able to deliver the enterprise-grade features that many business-critical workloads require,” said Eric Burgener, Research Vice President for Storage, IDC.  “Conventional on-premises infrastructure meets those needs better, but does not support the attractive flexibility, continuous technology refresh, or IASB 2019-compliant storage utility pricing models. With the introduction of the Evergreen Storage Service, Pure Storage has provided the best of both approaches, offering quick deployment, on-demand expansion, easy, non-disruptive technology refresh, and an OPEX pricing model for on-premises all-flash infrastructure that delivers six nines availability across their fleet and a full complement of enterprise-class data services.

Additionally, Enterprises and service providers can now deploy ES2 on-premises or in colocation facilities such as Equinix, which provides the flexibility of supported hybrid cloud environments and enables direct connection to public clouds like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Buy With Confidence: Pure Extends Right-Size Guarantee

Customers can now also extend the guaranteed effective capacity benefits of the Right-Size Guarantee over the lifetime of their arrays with a six-month coverage extension as part of any capacity expansion. The Right-Size-Guarantee is explicitly focused on guaranteeing effective capacity, and not merely data reduction or total efficiency. This focus on the effective capacity outcome ensures customers do not over-buy capacity, or end up with too little.

“Today, infrastructure requires flexibility, room for growth and the freedom to invest in new technologies confidently,” said Jason Nadeau, VP of Product Marketing, Pure Storage. “Pure’s Right-Size Guarantee ensures customers get the storage they need not only at initial purchase, but also over the Evergreen life of their array as they expand for long-term peace of mind. Evergreen allows customers to move beyond traditional data reduction, raw and usable TB complexity to focus on delivering cloud-like effective capacity to business applications, developers and data scientists.”

Additional key components of the Evergreen Storage program include:

  • All-Inclusive Array Software. Pure’s software features are not only all-inclusive at the time of purchase, but also include access to any future array software features.
  • White-Glove Support. A higher level of support experience, including predictive support and 15-minute SLAs.
  • Free Every Three. Customers get the latest generation of FlashArray controllers included with every three-year Evergreen Gold renewal.
  • Upgrade Flex. Customers can upgrade their array controllers whenever they need, with trade-in credit for older controllers towards new, upgraded controllers.
  • Capacity Consolidation. Benefit from improved flash densities and increases in performance while keeping infrastructures modern with trade-in credit for previous generation flash media towards current generation media.

Global Customer Momentum

Organizations across the world representing nearly every industry have taken advantage of Evergreen Storage to keep mission-critical infrastructure up and running through significant performance, capacity and feature upgrades.

By optimizing its infrastructure with Pure Storage, Cengage, an education and technology company, is able to offer its digital higher education course materials with high performance and reliability, while focusing on the overall value proposition for students.  By offering learning tools at an affordable price point, including Cengage Unlimited subscriptions – which include ebooks, courseware and more, Cengage increases access to higher education while keeping its infrastructure armed with the latest, best-in-class solutions.

"With Evergreen Gold Upgrade Flex, we are able to extend the life of our storage frames while continuously upgrading performance through non-disruptive software and hardware upgrades.  Not only is this a benefit to our students, but it allows us to free up resources that would normally be engaged with time-consuming migrations. And with Pure's Evergreen architecture, we can depreciate our arrays over 10 years instead of the usual three or four. This means we realize better support and value for our investments and are better positioned to meet customer needs,” said David Hungler, VP, Digital Technology Solutions, Cengage.

Picard, France’s leading frozen food retailer, chose Pure Storage FlashArray to accelerate business intelligence and improve the customer experience across its network of 920 stores.

“The faster we get Pure’s latest innovations into our data center, the faster we get our own to market,” saidIsmaël Simoes, CTO at Picard. “Evergreen powers our business model – our storage has to keep up with our growth without a massive rebuy expense every few years. With Pure, we’ve had no disruption, no downtime and made no net-new purchases. Pure Storage delivered on its promise and proved we made the right choice.”

For more information about Evergreen Storage, please visit our website.

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