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Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team turns instincts into action with data. See how the Formula 1 team powers agility and strategy with Pure.

Data Fueled, Race Ready
Formula One racing requires instinct. Seconds matter. And fast, agile access to data is key to your competitive edge.
Lowering Costs
Driving with Data
Powering Performance
Lowering Costs
Mercedes transports IT equipment to every race—assembling the hardware on-site. Pure’s simplicity means admins spend hours on setup, instead of days. And the smaller footprint of Pure arrays reduced the team’s rack space by 68%.
Driving with Data
Each car is fitted with more than 200 physical sensors that collect data for analysis. This allows engineers, analysts, and race strategists to glean every possible insight to continually improve car performance.
Powering Performance
Data powers instinct and insights to fine-tune car performance, keep drivers safe, inform pit-stop strategies, and more. The cars’ instrumentation generates more than a billion data points and terabytes of data.
How Pure's Technology Drives Breakthroughs
“The best driver can only perform if there’s access to reliable data. Because it’s all about data.”
Toto Wolff
Team Principal and CEO

Making Breakthroughs with Data

For Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One, there’s more to winning than the checkered flag. Agility, insight, and speed are how the organization wins off the track, too. Find out how Mercedes F1 gets the confidence to turn instinct into outcomes and move ahead of the competition.

Get the guide to learn:

  • Why Mercedes F1 chose Pure Storage as its strategic partner to build a cutting-edge, competitive data center.
  • The ground-breaking performance improvements Mercedes F1 gained with Pure under the hood.
  • Five steps to help you turn data bottlenecks into breakthroughs.
Get the Guide
Find out how Mercedes F1 gets the confidence to turn instinct into outcomes and move ahead of the competition.
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