Scalable, Cost-effective Storage to Manage Growth


Avago Technologies is a leading semiconductor device supplier to the wireless, enterprise storage, wired, and industrial end markets. Avago’s organic and acquisition growth heightened the need for a cost-effective, flexible and scalable storage system. After deploying Pure Storage, Avago Technologies was able to cut its storage hardware from five racks to just one at each of its three datacenters as well as garner greater cost savings as Oracle databases were consolidated.


  • Low available storage: 30 TB of space utilized up to 80 to 90 percent
  • Storage that could not scale with business needs
  • High latency with slow access to applications and long lead time needed for report generation

Use Case:

  • Database

Business Transformation:

  • A storage system that supports the company's hyper-growth

IT Transformation:

  • Set-up in a half day vs. 1 week
  • 5 racks of storage down to 1 rack
  • Report generation cut in half
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We needed a cost-effective storage system which was flexible and scalable.

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