Flash Array Storage Improves Service Levels


IP Telecom of Portugal provides cloud services to business customers, some of whom voiced concerns with lagging performance delays in some application response times. By installing a FlashArray from Pure Storage®, both application performance and customer satisfaction have increased, and IP Telecom can now offer high-performance services at no additional cost.


  • Lagging storage performance negatively impacted some applications among some cloud services customers.
  • Firmware upgrades always required performance downgrades and exposed IP Telecom to possible SLA penalties.

Use Case:

  • Virtual Datacenter Infrastructure (VDC) – VMware® vCloud® Director and vSphere®

Business Transformation:

  • IP Telecom can now offer the performance benefits of all-flash storage to its cloud-services customers without having to raise prices, creating a significant competitive advantage, while also reducing operational costs, improving business agility and increasing user satisfaction.

IT Transformation:

  • Resolved customer complaints about sub-par performance.
  • High data-reduction rates reduce data-center operating costs.
  • Increased number of customers receiving the performance benefits of all-flash.
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“We can offer higher performance to our customers without raising our prices, and that gives us a competitive advantage.”
Filipe Frasquilho, Chief Technology Officer

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