Picard Caters to Data-Hungry Users with Pure Storage FlashArray


In 2013, Picard decided to upgrade its storage system, which had become too slow, by installing two Pure Storage FlashArrays. The objectives were to solve performance issues and increase the effectiveness of data reduction with an all-flash architecture, while also improving compression and deduplication capabilities. Four years later, Picard was one of the first French clients to renew its controllers under the Pure Evergreen™ Storage program — doing so without any additional cost, in complete transparency, and without any impact on production while upgrading..


  • The storage system was too slow to handle all the data generated daily.
  • The company needed faster analysis of the Business Intelligence (BI) and a high-quality infrastructure for ERP and virtual servers.
  • Picard needed a long-term solution that would evolve over time without any additional cost.

Use Case:


Business Transformation: 

The Pure Storage FlashArrays have enabled Picard to improve the responsiveness of the logistic chain of its network and, by extension, its clients’ user experience.

IT Transformation:

  • The data reduction ratio has reached 4:1.
  • Performance of apps increased from 30% to 80%.
  • Footprint was reduced by 5x.

 “The Pure Evergreen Storage program really helped us increase our margin and sustain our investments, while allowing Pure Storage to secure the loyalty of one of its clients. It is a win-win situation!”


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