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What Is Evergreen//Forever?

Pure Storage® Evergreen//Forever™ gives you the simplicity, agility, and predictability of an as-a-service model with your FlashArray™ or FlashBlade//S™ purchase. Evergreen//Forever provides a subscription to innovation and enables your storage to stay modern with seamless hardware and software upgrades, and a product architecture with built-in compatibility with future technologies. As your organization grows, you can scale storage as needed—without downtime, performance impact, data migrations, storage rebuys, or forklift upgrades.

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How Evergreen//Forever Works  

Evergreen//Forever is a subscription for your traditional storage purchase that gives you the flexibility you need to keep your IT infrastructure agile and up to date, virtually forever. Your subscription includes:

  • All-inclusive array software subscription, including future software features.
  • Full hardware subscription, with included and on-demand controller/blade and flash media upgrades, and forever hardware component replacement.
  • A world-class customer experience, with satisfaction and storage capacity guarantees, proactive and predictive support, and flat and fair subscription renewals.
  • Guarantees promising power & space efficiency, zero data loss, and no data migration.

With an Evergreen//Forever subscription, you get Ever Modern, which includes upgrades to the latest-generation controllers or blades with every three- or six-year (for the Pure//E™ Family)  subscription renewal. That’s a full performance boost to the latest hardware (Purity software included) for routine modernization. If you need to upgrade sooner, Evergreen//Forever Ever Agile lets you upgrade to higher-performing and latest-generation controllers/blades at any time. With Ever Agile, you get full-value trade-in for your old controllers or blades toward new ones with all the extra capacity headroom and performance needed.

The Architecture Behind Your Evergreen//Forever Subscription 

What makes an Evergreen//Forever subscription possible is the underlying architecture of Pure Storage arrays. Key components, like controllers in FlashArray and blades in FlashBlade//S, can be modularly replaced and upgraded to the latest-generation and/or next-model hardware over time, without disruptions or degradations in performance. New controllers and blades work with your existing flash media. With Evergreen//Forever, your data storage stays agile, efficient, and modern, virtually forever. You can:

  • Non-disruptively upgrade to the latest controllers or blades, external host and internal array connectivity, flash media, and other components, independently of each other.
  • Unlock powerful new features, such as improved data reduction and predictive analytics, with non-disruptive software upgrades, as part of your ongoing subscription.
  • Eliminate the traditional risks associated with forklift upgrades and data migration since neither is needed.
  • Seamlessly scale your storage system as your data demands grow with your business.
  • Simplify IT infrastructure upkeep by eliminating the need to repurchase hardware or relicense storage software products.

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