Shrink Your Data Center

Pure Storage FlashArray//m is software and hardware designed as one – with huge gains in efficiency. We've brought together the industry's best data reduction and proprietary hardware, enabling you to consolidate racks and racks of disk storage in just 3U.


Our innovations in hardware and software bring mini size to enterprise storage.

Integrated Hardware

Pure Storage FlashArray//m contains industry-standard hardware in an integrated, proprietary package: controllers, NV-RAM, and flash modules together in a modular, upgradeable 3U chassis.

Denser Flash

We've engineered two MLC drives per slot in our flash modules, providing up to 2TB/slot. Get double the performance and density now, and even greater density in the future.

Unbeatable Data Reduction

Purity Operating Environment FlashReduce is the most granular and complete data reduction in the industry. This means you buy less storage now – and less storage as you grow.

Save a Ton of Space

Imagine consolidating three full racks of Tier 1 disk storage down to just 3U. Instead of losing another room or building out a new data center, your space problems just disappeared.

Cut Power Consumption by 80%

Compare the 6 watt/TB power consumption of Pure Storage FlashArray to the 70 – 120 watts/TB consumed by Tier 1 performance disk storage. You'll save 8.5kW per array!

Connect With Just Six Cables

Mini size lends itself to simplicity. FlashArray//m starts with just six cables to connect it, making installation and controller upgrades simple. Compare that to the hundreds of cables you might typically encounter. And with only six cables, the chances of unexpected downtime due to human error during service operations are greatly diminished.

"We went from 50 racks of disk down to 5 racks of Pure Storage Arrays."
Alex Patent, Global VP
The Nielsen Company
"The Pure saves a lot of money, a lot of power, and a lot of complexity."
Sasha Kipervarg, Senior Manager
"[Pure] really allowed us to bring efficiencies to the data center that were not available before."
Matthew Morgan, VP - Information Technology
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