5 Ways NVMe Addresses Tier 1 Storage Requirements

Tier 1 storage is by definition highly available and addresses enterprise, mission critical app needs. It has also traditionally been expensive and complex to deploy and manage. With new NVMe technology, the transition to a New Tier 1 is already happening and you should be aware of the benefits it can bring to your Tier 1 storage and application needs. In this webinar we will explore how NVMe will bring many benefits to applications and data centers including:

  • Better Performance: Tier 1 storage with internal NVMe will deliver increases in bandwidth, parallelism and consistently low latency to your mission critical applications
  • Higher Density: With a combination of NVMe and software optimization, get amazing density gains over traditional and alternative all-flash architectures
  • Performance Density: Consolidate your most demanding enterprise applications with the performance AND density improvements that will shrink the size of your data center infrastructure
  • Larger and Larger Flash Modules: Take advantage of very large flash modules / SSDs (16TB, 32TB, etc..) without performance penalties of traditional all-flash, hybrid or disk-based systems
  • Greater Consolidation: With better performance and density combined with 6 9’s availability, QoS and Tier 1 data services, customers can drive up consolidation and lower per workload costs.

Featured Speakers: 

Chadd Kenney, Chief Technology Officer, Americas