Implementing Splunk at Enterprise Scale

Splunk storage solutions need speed, agility, and intelligence. And that's just what the Pure Data Cloud delivers.


In many organiztions, Splunk® has become mission-critical. But it’s still a very demanding workload. Pure Storage solutions dramatically improve Splunk Enterprise deployments by accelerating data ingest, indexing, search, and reporting capabilities – giving businesses the speed and intelligence to make faster, more informed decisions.

Implementing Splunk at Enterprise Scale

Splunk is not an IT experiment anymore – it’s a mission critical application. Thousands of organizations are gaining insight from their machine data and transaction logs using Splunk. One of the greatest risks to any enterprise- level deployment of Splunk is inadequate, under-sized, or non-performant hardware. 

This session will detail how you can get get the most out of your Splunk environment using modern all-flash infrastructure, ensuring you maximize performance and efficiency.


FlashStack for Splunk

Enables flexible growth, streamlined operations, and transformation of both IT and end-user productivity.

Pure Storage Now Integrates with Splunk

Purity delivers comprehensive, Tier 1 data services to all workloads – even as it provides global flash management to your arrays. Moreover, Purity enables consistent low latency, data protection, and non-disruptive “everything” – and it’s resilience means full performance through array maintenance and failures. Need more proof of it’s power? Purity’s industry-leading data reduction is typically 2x better than the competition.

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