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Customer Voice: How Pure's Evergreen//One™ Operations helps Options Technology Run a Tight Ship

Discover how Options Technology uses Evergreen//One to accelerate business outcomes and how the Evergreen//One Operations team keeps things running smoothly.
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Good afternoon, everyone. My name's Rico Rodriguez. I am the senior director of Global Customers. Success for Pure Storage. Today with me, we have James let me in our VP and Global head of infrastructure for options. I t. James. Welcome. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Thank you very much.
It's been a lovely day already. I appreciate you were in the pure colours. Like it. You want me? Well, when in Rome Again. They thank you, James. For the time today, talking about your experience. We're talking about period of service, which has been recently rebranded to Evergreen one
pure. Narges, We've had a very interesting relationship over the last four years. Started with the block contract has been a great relationship. I've been there from the very beginning. We've had a lot of conversations. More recently, you guys have purchased file an object.
So really just looking to see how the business outcome of your proposed let Seymour innovation operational efficiencies. So really looking to dig into some of that? So I get first foremost. Thank you for being a long time valued customer. Appear James Early adopter, which is as I mentioned men here for four years.
Please provide us a brief introduction of options. It and who you guys are what you guys do absolutely so. Options Psychology is a managed service provider focused mainly on the capital markets. On the financial world. We're global providers, so we sit in roughly 50 date centres and Carlos globally.
We provide a full suite of manage services. So this goes from everything from supporting ultra low latent see trading and polos, data service aggregation along the way through to manage that with unmanaged partners where we satisfy their applications and then mawr. Traditionally, we also do desktop supports, a support, large financial organisations. That's kind of the traditional place that we've been in.
Things have changed over 20 since 2020 around adding some more data services, but I think we're touching those later very good. I appreciate the over thank you. One of the areas that we strive to really deliver for our customers is operational impacting ground. It's one of the things that you and I talked
about over the last four years. Personally, I think the storey is fantastic. You work together to solve problems, accelerate the business outcomes and really just focus on the vision sees through the period of service now ever been one service offering? How do you think the experience at options would have changed had you not been an early
adopter of Evergreen one and start of the leverage Our products services are engaging model? Sure, I think so. We've seen some really big changes from our side since 20 twenties. That's about two years in that really does coincide with getting the kit in, getting ourselves like 95% over the line on giving ourselves the head space to really start.
Think about what we're going to do next. So even from a technical perspective, simplest is K. It's a way of doing it. Capacity management simplifies our world. You spend a lot of times the service provider capacity managing. You kind of want to be because hockey sticks a great it means that you're in a thriving
business. You know, your clients are doing well because the more data that grows, you kind of know they're going to be around. If data sits there that level, you know it's five years. They're not going to last very long. You know, it's not an interesting product. They're not going to be doing well.
So you kind of want to see that growth, absolutely growth. One of the things that we pride ourselves on in terms of every one, is the flexibility that it offers. You talk a little bit more about the experiences, options and flexibility. That's a great point. So it allows.
It has allowed us to go into break ground, maybe in date sentence, which wouldn't initially have gone into its got much better entry point into that market. It makes a huge difference. So you can go and maybe get new contracts and new deals that you may never have may never have gone for in the past on then, scale and skill very rapidly. We've seen that it's not just not just a sort
of package. It's not just a financial baggage, really, is that the system behind it is great, like the ability to move from 50 to up to 752 in six months. Fantastic. That's great, absolutely having that ability, that flexibility really changes things, and it really turns around in to our some of our sales guys the ability to say yes is a very
powerful thing. It means that I'm gonna get lots of business really quickly, and they know we can deliver it. Obviously, if it's effective delivery teams as well, so they don't have to wonder if we've talked. Is there not displace? Yes, there is, you know, and that's actually a great secretary. The next benefit of that,
we'd like to tout for Evergreen one, which is the support model. The engagement model. Can you talk about a little bit about your experience with our support model? How is that engaging a model been? No, Absolutely so the small models Absolutely fantastic. So this goes from everything from just standards.
It's standard support, keeping the wheels running, making sure things working through too classy management, working with the team to keep ahead of trends and then catch up where needing has been really, really good. Suddenly, being able to reach out and talk to the right people has been very helpful. Also, we have a lot of different work clothes are we really know a single a vendor.
We have everything from fire breathing databases all the way down to mundane full service are being able to offer a solution for most things and talk to the right people on the pure side has been absolutely fantastic. That's fantastic. You know, as I mentioned, you talked about Thea ability to free up some of your team's time operational efficiencies in terms of the
infrastructure management. Esso. I know there's a huge focus on that with all of that taken off of your hands. What you guys doing out? I mean, I hope we've freed up some time for you. Well, we've started attending more conferences. That's where we started with.
But it's given us the the time t sit back and really think about where the world is going, what we need to be doing, I said in like 2020. We're sitting back after, you know, getting the brunt of the migrations, all that kind of good stuff. We start thinking, you know, what a long term strategy, what are we going to be doing next? We really started seeing because we obviously insight from things like pure one.
We see data growth much best. We've got analytics waken see that where things were going with seeing data growth, massive data growth coming along. We're thinking that's the growth area. I think it really galvanised to us that over the next 5 to 10 years, data is going to be the commodity, right?
That's going to be what everyone? That's the value, eh? So we decided to double down, get behind it and go down the data bath Off the back of it, we've released a couple of new products around it. On We also acquired Active Financial 2021 which has added a large portfolio of real time data but also massive back catalogue data.
So 300 plus data sets back to 2005 in some cases, a huge amount of data. Huge wealth of s, the date set. So we've got we've just launched data platform ourselves, which is based very heavily on site on pure so days platform is, is our effects. We are shop front. End is the way that you can get access to all of our weird,
wacky, financially focused on day I centric services. So it's a really quick way of getting online it in one. The way those things is. It means you can actually get pure service in less than a minute. If you want to think about it, which is quite cool. So once you log in there,
once you register, log in there, you get access to our data store, which is a back cattle over of data we've got now, which is financial data is alternative data by works like a marketplace. So if you've got interesting data, we can host it for you. We can help you sell it. Or maybe you want to keep it internal and weaken.
Do that. We can give them a private date store, which is the indexes. The catalogues, the security around it also way have singled acidification where we can provide a unique number against a asset type that will hold across all of it. That's more for later, Later thing. But so that's been a real big focus on gun off
the back of a swell. We've gone and built single quantify, which is data science platform that plug straight in today. So it's an open platform really easy to get on with your data. Scientists. You have to be. You don't have to be a date sciences helps on. Do you can log on that spin up tear down full
environments is great. It's systematic. Quantitative grid open, lots of great words, environment that you could guess on. We have some fantastic financial controls around. It sounds really boring, and it should be boring. Infrastructure should be dull.
So yeah, that's that's really called. So that allows. We were chatting earlier about this, and it's 85% of all data. Science is projects fail. That's the project in reality, is probably closer to 99% of ALS. Computer workloads is failure.
So what the idea? Because you you failed. You allow them to fail as fast as possible. But also you stop them from clean themselves out because we know it's like the reason why casinos exist is because human nature is just a lean into the damn thing s o. Being able to turn around saying, Stop, really think about it. Guys is probably quite liberating for the
people that were hoping service on again. It's a very much based on the time we've headspace, which we've gained, and also the the data platform, right, right, just for clarification for the identity that's a leveraging our flash play technology as well as I mentioned early adopters of flattery, eggs flash blade flash racy. They're using our entire portfolios.
Lots of great use cases there, I'm sure lots of cutting edge innovation. I'll throw one more question as you, James, in terms of the innovation, the all the things that you guys were doing and extending that to your customer base. What you've seen, what are some of the trends that you got to help establish and lead with your customer base? How is that impacting them?
It's freeing them up. So the problem with anything like a data science is, is that the minimum viable to enter is really high. You need to know what you're doing. You need clean data you need in the right place you need available and scaleable you need again the same of the computer services. Taking that off their plate means they can hide data scientists.
They don't need to hire infrastructure. People plat platform people. They can just hire data. Scientists really does accelerate their time to business and their time to value ultimately. But the other thing about the thing about the date storeys well, we have a trial aspect to it.
Not all datas for everyone. Currently, it's like when you're buying Data's You got data. It's really dark hearts with us. It's like, Come on, try. Let's see what it looks like. It really does speed up their time to value.
No day sets have value for everyone. Absolutely. I love inefficiencies. Operational effectiveness has freed up some time to attend more of these festivals. It's been really exciting working with you guys. I really appreciate the opportunity to get involved in all of these initiatives across our entire portfolio. Thank you for coming out and being a part of this.
And I appreciate you look forward to our ongoing partnership in collaboration. Great. Thank you. Okay.
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