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What is Enterprise Application Data Management?

What is Enterprise Application Data Management?

From financial forecasts to supply chains to product development, marketing, and sales, data plays a vital role in running a modern enterprise. The more efficiently you can manage your data, the stronger your competitive edge could be. Enterprise application data management deals with the organization, transport, and governance of data at scale.

Take your typical business, with its various departments, and map the type of data that might be generated by or of interest to each of those business sectors. It might look something like this:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM): Customer names, feedback, addresses, demographics, purchase histories, and product preferences
  • Product development: Feature requests, quality reports, traceability, and manufacturing issues
  • Product marketing and sales: Conversion rates, click-through rates, impressions, and sales numbers

It’s easy to see how information from one system might be of interest to another. For example, the product development team can screen customer feedback for new feature ideas. Each system gets its own enterprise app, hence the origin of the term: enterprise application data management. 

Data management gets even more complicated because not all data can be or should be shared throughout an organization. Privacy laws require strict permissions for personally identifiable information (PII) and some data may simply be irrelevant to a different department. 

As a result, application data management has traditionally been about integrating different software and storage environments—a disorganized collection of data silos and enterprise apps. Fortunately, there’s an easier way to manage enterprise-level data: data hubs.

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Data Hubs Make Application Data Management Easier

Application data management is about navigating the complexities governing how data moves throughout an organization. Consolidating a disparate collection of storage silos and enterprise apps into an intelligent data hub can simplify things.

data hub is a storage architecture that consolidates your storage infrastructure into a unified interface that makes it easier for everyone to get the data they need. The data hub automatically manages the governance and quality of the data through user permissions and automated workflows. More recently, machine learning and AI have been incorporated to make intelligent data hubs that can process data into relevant insights for a diverse range of users.

Why Choose Pure Storage for Modern Data Analytics?

Pure Storage® enterprise solutions combine the advantages of native all-NVMe storage arrays with a cutting-edge data hub for all your file, object, and block storage needs. With Pure, you can:

  • Virtualize applications with hypervisors and container services
  • Achieve true hybrid cloud agility with seamless data mobility
  • Unify data silos into a massively parallel scalable data hub
  • Streamline database operations and data analytics across all your business apps

Pure Storage delivers workloads without limits by modernizing application data management.

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