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What Is Digital Transformation

What Is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation refers to the process of using technology to rethink, streamline, and automate traditional business operations. From HR accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) to the way you manage the data that powers all those functions, virtually any area of your business can benefit from digital transformation.

Elements of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation means different things to different people, but the essence of it lies in the power of leveraging new technologies to radically boost performance and business agility. There are some recurring themes of what exactly that technology is doing to bring about digital transformation. Common elements of digital transformation include: 

  • Automation
  • Cloud migrations
  • Virtualization
  • Streamlined UI/UX 
  • Analytics
  • Consolidation

The Benefits of Bringing Digital Transformation to Your Data Storage

Examples of how your data storage can benefit from digital transformation include:

  • Consolidating a disparate collection of data silos and warehouses into a unified data hub
  • Streamlining data management with software that delivers an intuitive UI/UX
  • Transitioning from a CAPEX to an OPEX* storage consumption model with the cloud

Whether your goal is to improve CRM, product development, or some other business process, the one commonality across all digital transformation efforts is that they’re powered by data. The better equipped you are to collect, process, and analyze your data, the easier it will be to get the actionable insights needed to improve other areas of your business. Modernizing your data management capabilities can give you the foundation you need to digitally transform the rest of your organization.

*OPEX treatment is subject to customer’s auditor review

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Work in a self-service environment to experience the management of a Pure FlashArray. Explore advanced features, including snapshots, replication, ActiveCluster™, and even VMware integration.

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Why Choose Pure Storage for Your Digital Transformation?

Pure Storage® is a pioneer in all-flash data storage solutions. Simply upgrading your HDDs to SSDs can deliver a huge leap in data storage speed, scalability, and performance. Pure offers:

  • A single pane of glass for managing all your data with Pure1®
  • AI-powered predictive analytics with Pure1 Meta®
  • True hybrid cloud agility with seamless data mobility
  • Consolidation of data silos into a massively parallel, scalable data hub
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