See why Pure Storage is named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems & Object Storage
AI Infrastructure

AI Infrastructure for Modern Innovators

Escape the limits of legacy infrastructure complexities and DIY solutions. Get the time-to-insight that data-driven innovators need from AIRI®, the industry’s first, full-stack AI-ready infrastructure.

AIRI artificial intelligence platform

Power AI Workflows

Jointly architected by Pure Storage and NVIDIA, AIRI extends the power of NVIDIA DGX A100 systems with the massively parallel, all-flash performance of Pure FlashBlade®. AIRI provides modern AI infrastructure to accelerate end-to-end GPU workflows.

Get Moving Faster

Your teams can start model development and training workloads right away. AIRI’s fully integrated hardware and software stack supports NVIDIA GPU Cloud deep-learning stack, Pure RapidFile toolkit, Kubernetes orchestration, and a range of workflow tools.

AI platform with machine learning stack support

Reduce Time to Insight

AIRI is built with a complete software stack, enabling data scientists to get up and running in a few hours, not weeks or months. AIRI delivers the performance and flexibility to meet AI needs at any scale.

AI data storage to enable data science

Simplify AI at Scale

AI is a data pipeline that needs an integrated solution. Use AIRI to reduce racks of complexity into a complete solution so teams can focus on algorithms, not infrastructure. More compute translates to faster training. More data means higher accuracy.

AI data pipelines to scale your data infrastructure

Choose an Innovation Leader

The AI Breakthrough Awards have recognized Pure and AIRI as the “Best AI Solution for Big Data.” The first complete AI-ready infrastructure solution, AIRI adapts easily to business demand as AI models move from prototyping to deployment for any initiative or workload.

AI Breakthrough Award 2021

Pure Storage is Named as a Leader in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™

for Distributed File Systems & Object Storage




4x DGX A100™ Systems
20 PFLOPS of AI performance

Pure FlashBlade

15x 17TB blades


2x 100Gb Ethernet
switches with RDMA


NVIDIA DGX Software Stack
NVIDIA Optimized Containers

What is AI Infrastructure?

AI infrastructure refers to the technology stack (both hardware and software) needed to build, test, train, and deploy AI-powered apps. From GPUs to scale-out flash to data fabrics, competing in the ever-evolving world of AI requires a continuous investment in the latest data technologies.

People also ask:

1. What is the anatomy of an AI technology stack?

Here’s an example of what an AI technology stack might look like:

  • Deep-learning frameworks like TensorFlow
  • Containers (e.g., GPU-optimized Docker)
  • Scale-out GPU compute hardware (e.g., NVIDIA DGX A100 with Tensor Core GPUs) 
  • Scale-out file and object protocols (e.g., Pure Storage Purity//FB)
  • Scale-out flash storage (e.g., FlashBlade)


2. What are the challenges of DIY AI infrastructure?

The process of scaling your AI infrastructure from pilot lab to production can easily turn into a costly and time-consuming exercise in DIY-engineering. You might spend months building racks of GPUs, troubleshooting the bottlenecks of legacy storage systems, and finessing open-source software into commodity hardware.

3. Why use AIRI for your AI infrastructure?

Pure Storage teamed up with NVIDIA to create AIRI, the world’s first full-stack AI-ready infrastructure. By combining NVIDIA’s DGX A100 servers with Pure’s FlashBlade arrays, AIRI provides a scalable AI solution that’s big, fast, and efficient.  

Core benefits of AIRI include: 

  • A single integrated platform for all AI workloads
  • Massively parallel scale-out processing power with flash storage to match
  • Remote direct memory access (RDMA) fabric for moving big data fast
  • Scalable AI infrastructure that’s easy to set up, upgrade, and manage 

With AIRI, you get an enterprise-ready AI technology stack upon which you can host machine learning algorithms and AI-powered applications.

Don't Take Our Word for It

We work with the best across all industries.

“Our team is already benefiting from the AIRI architecture and how it simplifies implementing more efficient AI Infrastructures for the enterprise.”

Ludwig Gamache
Director of IT

“The AIRI infrastructure allows people to turn data into actionable information in ways not previously possible—and that fundamentally changes your business decision-making.”

Jim Benedetto
Chief Data Officer
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