Modern File and Object Storage

Architected to consolidate complex data silos, Pure Storage FlashBlade™ is the industry's most advanced solution for file and object storage.

Improve Unstructured Data Management

Plan for capacity and performance needs. Take your data center with you on your mobile device. Get the world’s best support powered by Pure1—our AI-powered, data-storage-management engine that enables self-driving storage.

Improve unstructured data

Get Effortless, Global Scale Storage Management with Purity

Purity is the software-defined heart of FlashBlade. Built on scale-out metadata architecture, its capable of handling tens of billions of files and objects while delivering maximum performance.

Global scale storage management

FlashBlade Specifications



  • Start with 7 Blades and simply add blade to scale up to 75
  • Each blade adds capacity and performance




  • Up to 17 GB/s bandwidth with 15 blades†
  • Up to 7.5M NFS IOPS with 75 blades



  • 8x 40Gb/s or32x 10Gb/s Ethernet ports / chassis
  • 2x FlashBlade External FabricModules (XFM) to scale up to 75 blades




  • 4U per chassis
  • 1,800 watts per chassis (nominal at full configuration)

† Large block read IO with 3:1 compression

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