FlashBlade™ enables customers to process ever-growing datasets faster – for better insight. It’s driven by three key innovations: Elastic Fabric, Purity for FlashBlade, and scale-out blade.

Benefits of Elastic Architecture

True Scale-Out

Pure’s FlashBlade™ product delivers performance that grows linearly with more data. It is built to scale to billions of files/objects and beyond. An elastic scale-out architecture at every level, FlashBlade simply expands with your data.


Powered by our innovative Pure1® cloud-based management and support platform, a single administrator can manage a FlashBlade deployment of any size. Scale-out storage has never been simpler to manage.


With an N+2 design for redundancy, FlashBlade can tolerate two full blade failures and many more flash chip failures without data service interruption. The latest low-density parity check, LDPC, error recovery protects against flash bit errors, automatically rebuilding to heal around failures, and all data is encrypted all the time.

Software-Defined Fabric

We designed intelligence into the networking so you don’t have to worry about it. The FlashBlade product utilizes a high performance 320Gb/s fabric with object messaging and distributed transaction protocol to ensure fast and reliable communication between Purity instances running on each blade.


Separate virtual networks isolate client, metadata, and data transport with defined service-level agreements, SLAs, while a single fabric integrates interconnect complexities to make scale-out storage seamless.

Elastic NAS Storage With Massive Throughput


From client to blade, a 320Gb/s Ethernet network ensures super-fast, cost-effective connectivity that you never have to manage.

Low-Latency Protocols

Proprietary object messaging and distributed transaction protocols are built on a massively parallel architecture to ensure rapid communication between Purity instances running on each blade.


Separate virtual networks isolate client, metadata, and data transport with defined SLAs, while a single fabric integrates interconnect complexities to make scale-out storage seamless.


Purity is the soul of the FlashBlade array, powering scale-out storage services at every layer – from DirectFlash™ for global flash management to storage protocols & APIs.

Scale-out Storage Services at Every Layer

Core Services

As the architectural foundation of the system, core services offers a scale-out metadata design powered by a massively distributed transaction database. A variable-block metadata engine delivers high performance regardless of data type or size. Scale-out fabric with DirectFlash delivers the ultra-low latency and high bandwidth that only a purpose-built system can deliver.

Data Services

Purity data services are based on variable-block metadata across all layers of the system. Always-on compression, thin provisioning, encryption, and rapid data locking, as well as HA and NDU, are built-in. Purity//FB also provides global flash management via DirectFlash, and now introduces snapshots – to offer customers the comprehensive protection for enterprises and software development use cases.


Built for unstructured data, Purity//FB supports all major protocols, such as NFS, SMB, S3 Object, and HTTP. Each protocol is implemented for true scale-out deployment – built on the distributed transaction database in core services to deliver unprecedented performance at any scale. The modular design of core services allows for extensibility to future protocols.


Leave data silos behind. Data hub is a single, unified platform that enables you to consolidate your data and accelerate your data-intensive apps with all-flash power.

EACH BLADE Delivers Linear Scale

The simple, yet powerful, scale-out unit adds DirectFlash™ capacity (17TB or 52TB) with protocol processing, metadata, and compute cores.

Elastic Storage That Expands With Your Data

Xeon CPU

Up to 8 CPU cores integrated with networking in a high performance design

Programmable Processor

FPGA with embedded ARM cores delivers efficient flash management

PCIe Connectivity

The fastest connection from flash to processors

DRAM with Power-Safe Write Protection

Scales write bandwidth with each blade

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“FlashBlade met all our criteria — high performance, a reduced data-center footprint, and a very low power draw.”
Kevin Smith, Senior Director of IT
Black Duck Software
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“FlashBlade will significantly enhance our services while reducing the cost to our clients.”

Stephen Shooster, Co-CEO
Global Response Corporation
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“We are excited to accelerate time-to- value for our clients and facilitate our mission of bringing AI to all enterprises.”
Jeremey Barnes, Chief Architect

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