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Recycling Pure Storage Products

Pure recommends that end-users work with AER Worldwide (in applicable geos) to securely erase and recycle all drives used in customer systems.  For geos not covered by AER Worldwide Pure recommends that end-users ensure that all data is securely erased from drives prior to recycling, contact Pure Storage for support if required.  

Software on Pure products is covered by the terms of the End User Agreement, and is not transferrable to 3rd parties without the written consent of Pure Storage. Please see details on End User Agreement.

Collection and Recycling Arrangements in Europe

The European Union Directive 2012/19/EU on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) aims to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic equipment sent for disposal to landfill or incineration when it reaches end-of-life. Pure Storage is fully committed to reducing environmental impacts associated with product end-of-life disposal. We have implemented a pan-European program to register and report WEEE compliance data to WEEE Regulatory Authorities in EU Member States and provide arrangements for the environmentally-sound collection, transport, treatment, recycling and recovery of WEEE for which Pure Storage is responsible.

Collection and Recycling Arrangements in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Australia, and Central and Latin America

Pure Storage partners with AER Worldwide for any electronic disposals of Pure Storage products.

AER owned facilities are ISO 14001 certified and North America facilities are R2/RIOS certified. All of their facilities are TAPA-B certified where entrances are tightly controlled by security.

It is your responsibility to arrange and pay for costs of collection and transportation to the recycler. 

All SSD destructions ensure protection of customer data.

Using software for SSD data sanitization to the parameters outline by NIST (National Institute Standard and Technology) SP800-88. (Government guidelines)

For SSDs that cannot be sanitized or failed testing, AER will perform complete physical destruction of the unit into powder.



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