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Improved Ransomware Data Recovery

Improved Ransomware Data Recovery

Analyst Report

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Protecting your data has always been important. Ransomware recovery adds new challenges that demand an integrated, flexible response to prevent damage. This ESG Technical Review documents hands-on analysis and auditing of Pure Storage® FlashBlade®, an all-flash solution for consolidating fast file and object storage, with SafeMode. In it, analysts from Enterprise Strategy Group examine how SafeMode protects data from ransomware attacks or accidental deletion and integrates with current data-protection solutions from Commvault, Veeam, and Veritas.

“ESG Technical Review: Improved Ransomware Recoverability with SafeMode on FlashBlade” was authored by Senior Validation Analyst Vinny Choinski and Validation Analyst Alex Arcilla.

Download the report to learn how:

  • SafeMode on FlashBlade enables you to protect data backups against ransomware attacks, as well as accidental deletion or rogue storage administrator activities.
  • SafeMode on FlashBlade integrates with different data protection solutions from Veeam, Commvault, and Veritas.
  • FlashBlade can help you leverage a parallel architecture with elastic performance that scales with data to speed backup and recovery.

“Data backups compromised by ransomware, human error, or rogue administrators cost organisations lost time, revenue, and productivity. Having clean and available backups to recover and resume normal operations is critical when considering how to set both security and data recovery strategies.”
– Enterprise Stategy Group

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