What is Virtual Desktop Infrastucture (VDI)?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows IT administrators to host and administer end-user desktops in a virtual machine running on a server in the data center. VDI offers compelling benefits by increasing the manageability, performance and security of user desktops/PCs.

Slow or erratic virtual desktops can bring productivity to a halt and result in higher administration costs. Storage performance is often the #1 problem – as well as the most expensive component – for VDI. All-flash storage in combination with efficient data reduction dramatically improves VDI success while keeping costs in check. As a result, IT departments are increasingly looking to converged infrastructure and integrated architectures to alleviate problems of performance and deployment, and to help standardize and consolidate desktop workloads.

Unfortunately, many existing converged infrastructure solutions are based on old, slow and inefficient disk storage or on non-optimized hybrid storage systems – making them unsuitable for VDI workloads that demand an always-on, high-performance foundation. Pure Storage FlashStack CI provides pre-validated architecture and fast, resilient, and scalable all-flash performance for VDI that meets the demands of end-users as well as the IT organization. It ensures successful deployment and simple ongoing management of VDI.