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Discover Smarter Education Solutions

Optimize learning systems, power innovative research, and streamline operations. Rely on Pure solutions to leverage more of your data while reducing the complexity and cost of managing the infrastructure behind it.

Education data powered by Pure Storage

Improve Interaction with Education Data

As an educational institution, you probably operate with a lean IT staff and tight budget. You need solutions that don’t require lots of management and maintenance. Discover data management that's always modern, easy to manage, and gives you flexibility in the way you consume data.

Storage as a Service for Education

Institutions need to move quickly to meet planned and unexpected data-management needs without compromising performance. A perfect example is the recent increase in remote learning. Scale rapidly and leverage the storage you need, when you need it.

Storage as a service for education and higher learning institutions

Protect Data Against Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are on the rise and threaten to halt operations, disrupt learning, and compromise research. Protect data with simple, effortless ransomware mitigation and recovery solutions with the enhanced infrastructure of Pure FlashBlade//S™.

Protect your education data from ransomware

Support Remote Education Solutions

Expand virtual and remote teaching and learning with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Pure VDI solutions scale seamlessly without disruption from pilot to thousands of users, delivering all-flash power and resiliency at every step along the way.

Enable virtual learning and remote teaching instruction with virtual desktop infrastructure VDI from Pure

Look to AI as a Catalyst

Data is key to better outcomes, whether for teaching or research. AI can transform the way educational institutions draw intelligence from data. The AIRI® and FlashStack® solutions offer integrated solutions, wherever you are in your AI journey.

Leverage AI for education data analytics

Improve Education Performance and Outcomes

Deliver more for students, faculty, and researchers without overburdening IT staff or budgets. Pure experts can help you get systems up and running with simplicity and speed for greater impact.

Gain greater operational efficiencies with your educational data
Survival Kit
Can Your Institution Survive a Ransomware Attack?

Ransomware poses a huge risk for educational institutions – the most affected industry – as cybercriminals are now focusing heavily on them. Protect your data, institution, and reputation. Learn how Pure can speed your recovery and help you survive a ransomware attack.

Get Your Survival Kit
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What is education data management?

From storing student records on campus to delivering high-quality video streaming for remote lessons, education data management is about creating an effective strategy for managing your data both on-premises and in the cloud.

People also ask:

1. How is data used in education?

Modern education is data-driven. You need to be able to manage course materials like homework, quizzes, and syllabuses, track student performance via a school intranet, or deliver user-permissions, software licenses and other resources to students based on class enrollment.

2. What are some common examples of education data services

Common education data services include:

  • Student records
  • Recorded lessons
  • Live streaming
  • Live audio
  • Shared network storage

3. How can Pure help with your education data-analytics needs?

The data needs of schools, institutions, and educators is growing increasingly large and unstructured. Siloed data storage solutions of the past are not agile enough to handle this fast file and object storage. Pure Storage offers a suite of all-flash products and solutions designed to help you consolidate all your data needs into a simple, seamless, and sustainable data storage solution.

Don't Take Our Word for It

We work with the best across all industries.

“We decided to go all-flash in our data centers. We migrated to Pure Storage FlashArray in a single weekend and have never looked back."

Bill Cranford
CIO, Mississippi College

“With Pure, the whole refresh only took about two hours—and we did it in the middle of the day.”

Joe Bliss
Virtual Infrastructure Administrator, Davenport University
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