Education Solutions Drive Student Success

Legacy IT can be a bottleneck for educational institutions, draining scarce time and resources. There’s a better way: power all your workloads with the simplicity and efficiency of all-flash, modern data experience.

Drive Performance at Scale and on Budget

In education today, lagging IT performance, tight budgets, and limited resources are common pain points. Institutions are looking for solutions capable of providing enterprise-class power and resiliency while being simple to manage and cost-effective.

Storage That Won't Slow You Down

Pure provides consistent enterprise-class performance and resiliency for your most critical workloads, whether that’s your Student Information System or your learning applications. Even at peak times, rich data services will serve your IT needs without performance compromise.

Long-Term Budget Predictability

Tired of dealing with the ever-increasing cost of maintaining aging storage? Pure Evergreen Subscriptions keep your storage modern and fresh – and give you predictably flat maintenance rates over time. Those rates will never go up, and they may even go down.

Self-Managing No Dedicated Staff Needed

Pure’s self-managing, plug-n-play design delivers unparalleled simplicity. No manual required, 30-minute install – and nothing to tune. Our predictive support keeps you up and running while you enjoy non-disruptive operations through maintenance, upgrades, and generational refreshes.

We’ll Get Your VDI Back on Track

VDI implementations develop latency and scale problems as you grow. Pure solutions scale seamlessly and without disruption from pilot to thousands of users, delivering all-flash power and resiliency at every step along the way.

Comprehensive Data Protection Is Built-In

Business continuity across your institution can be simple and effortless. Pure Storage includes business continuity with the highest levels of availability with no extra hardware or licenses, no additional fees or third site, and just a few minutes to set up.

Scalable Storage for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Accelerate Research

Whether your university is doing genomic research or institutional research, Pure offers an all-flash scale-out storage architecture perfectly suited to handle the data-intensive research demands driving tomorrow’s discoveries. Easily deployed, scaled, and managed, FlashBlade is next-gen storage for unstructured data.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

1. Review your requirements

Start now by connecting with our experts to assess your storage needs.

2. Take a Test Drive

See how Pure works with quick setup of an online test environment.

3. Migrate to Pure

Partner with the right team to start driving down your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).