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Data Matters: Energy Strategy

Andrew and Fred discuss the importance of an energy strategy for companies dealing with data storage.
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Fred, good to see you. What is an energy strategy and why is it important? It's about keeping costs under control, right? Making sure that as data grows 10x over the next seven years, the cost of hosting data is not going to do a 10x as well.
But, it's also about being able to do more over time, extracting more value from data. And because of the possibilities of regulation change, because of the pressures of energy use, this is now the moment that companies need to address this I presume.
In the Western world we've seen regulation emerging in a lot of countries when it comes to not just reducing the amount of energy that we're using, but also exposing how much energy every organization is consuming and the resulting carbon emissions, the resulting greenhouse gases emissions. How do I calculate my server room power consumption?
So today, the way you would be doing this is by having smart power distribution units in every rack for literally every plug, but also by using smart solutions such as Pure Storage® arrays that actually expose all of the power consumption as well as greenhouse gases, emission savings in real time.
How do I reduce my server power usage? The most efficient server is the server that you do not use. So one of the ways organizations can actually reduce the total server power usage is by taking data out of those servers, storing it on efficient data storage solutions such as Pure Storage systems and therefore
taking every single storage device out of those servers. By doing that, not only do you need less power for all of your servers, but also you are actually able to analyze data faster by virtue of it being on a fast storage system. Well that sounds like a no brainer for any CTO.
So is it easy to make that transition? It is. It's just a matter of deploying our systems that are extremely energy efficient and also have a very small physical footprint. So they're easy to deploy, easy to install in existing data centers.
And then it’s a question of migrating data to those. Is it important to be systematic in your approach to making this change. Yes, I think it is. A lot of organizations don't realize the amount of data that they have, but also they don't realize that more data gets created all the time.
Everything is smart these days. Everything is constantly phoning home data. It used to be that humans would create data and now machines create more data than humans. It brings to mind
a kind of a herd of cats, everything spreading out and getting out of control and going into all different corners of where you're trying to operate. Indeed, that's actually one of the biggest challenges for a lot of organizations, is understanding where their data is, extracting value, extracting information out of that data and therefore
it needs to be hosted in an efficient manner, but also in a way where it can be accessed quickly. And that's what our solutions do. Fred, great to talk to you. Thanks very much. Thank you for having me Andrew.
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Andrew and Fred discuss the importance of an energy strategy for companies dealing with data storage. Fred shows that an energy strategy has two advantages: controlling costs and extracting more value from data as it grows exponentially. With the emerging regulations and pressures related to energy use and carbon emissions, companies are advised to deploy an energy strategy to understand and measure their energy usage, similar to the smart meters installed in domestic environments.

Precise measurement of energy consumption can be achieved through smart power distribution units and storage arrays. Companies can reduce server power usage by storing data on efficient storage systems like those from Pure Storage®. This eliminates the need for multiple internal storage devices, reducing power consumption by up to 85% on a per-terabyte basis. Pure Storage facilitates the transition with energy-efficient and space-saving systems.

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