Big Data Becomes Fast Data

Big Data powers better intelligence, decisions, and outcomes – but first you need to speed the data itself. And for that, you need the FlashBlade™ array.

The Demands of Big Data Analytics

Big Data has too often meant slow data, as legacy storage architectures have compromised real time analytic results. With the emergence of Apache Spark’s powerful, large-scale data processing – which runs up to 100x faster than Hadoop – data scientists, engineers, and analysts are demanding new storage architectures to drive productivity.

FlashBlade Accelerates Spark

FlashBlade handles Spark’s data requirements with ease. Designed for today’s high concurrency Spark application workloads and driving low latency responses to queries and results, FlashBlade delivers 6x faster Reporting queries vs public cloud. You can even consolidate multiple workloads and your Spark Environment to FlashBlade.

Innovative Architecture

FlashBlade provides consistent, multi-dimensional performance in concurrency – including IOPS, throughput, and latency – and can handle large volumes of data access from 1000s of users.

Fast Iterative Queries

Use real time queries to respond to market and consumer data by running Spark on FlashBlade NFS. Boost the productivity and agility of your data scientists and data wranglers.

Simplicity of Use

A compact 4U form factor scales out performance and capacity easily just by adding blades. The FlashBlade NFS protocol simplifies data management tasks, like backup and security.


FlashBlade is uniquely powered to help solve the challenges of data warehousing, management, and analysis. Connecting directly to your Oracle® databases via dNFS, and with large pools of read and write bandwidth, FlashBlade is an ideal storage platform to accelerate your data warehouse and analytics solutions – and to keep you a step ahead of the competition.

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