Introducing enterprise flash storage that’s turned the storage refresh cycle on its head. Get value from your storage investment for a decade or more – and never do a forklift upgrade.


NVMe will drive the next great advance in storage performance and density. Pure has you covered: every new //M is guaranteed to be upgradable* to NVMe. If we can’t make the upgrade work, we'll replace your array with a full NVMe array – for free.


And never re-buy a TB you already own.

Evergreen Storage behaves like SaaS and the cloud. You can deploy it once and keep expanding and improving it for 10 years or more, all without any downtime, performance impact, or data migrations.

Evergreen is Always Fresh

We invented the concept of Evergreen storage. After hearing so many customer complaints about other vendors' cycles of repurchasing and data migration, we thought it was about time. See what we had in mind.

Evergreen and its Pretenders

Today, many competitors now claim to offer evergreen storage as well. But ask yourself, does your storage vendor require you to re-buy existing media at generational upgrades – like with NVMe? Is that generational upgrade going to affect performance or require downtime? And finally, will that generational upgrade require migrating data from your current array to a new one? If your vendor's answer to any of these questions is yes, they don't have an Evergreen™ Storage model.

Capacity Consolidation + Credit

Pure Storage offers a capacity consolidation program to help you manage capacity growth. Consolidate the data on your older external shelves into new, denser capacity flash, and move that capacity to high-performance NVMe flash modules. Return your old storage shelves and receive a credit for the TBs you already own.**

Save 33%, Just for starters

With Pure, you’ll just pay one, simple flat maintenance renewal and get continuously modernized performance, scale, and features. But just the switch to Pure Storage all-flash will net a 33% CAPEX/OPEX savings over 6 years versus the competition. And the TCO only gets better from there.


Learn how Evergreen Storage can be tailor-made for your organization.

* See Evergreen Storage Program Terms for details.
** Subject to Program Terms. Pricing for upgrade bundles available upon request.

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