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What Is Evergreen//One?

Evergreen//One™ is a storage-as-a-service (STaaS) platform that unifies on-premises and public-cloud storage resources into a single data storage subscription delivering a true hybrid-cloud experience. An Evergreen//One subscription includes:

  • A simple subscription for your block, file, and object storage needs
  • Access to Pure1® management tools for managing your hybrid-cloud environment from a single dashboard
  • 100% consumption-based subscription model that allows you to pay only for what you use

At Pure Storage, we believe data storage should be simple, seamless, and sustainable. Evergreen//One is a unique subscription model fine-tuned to deliver the operational and financial flexibility required to mitigate business risk and deliver enterprise-grade storage services via a single subscription. It’s backed by guaranteed SLAs, including:

  • Unrivaled storage performance aligned with service tier
  • 99.9999% uptime guarantee
  • Zero data loss for data durability against loss or corruption
  • 25% storage capacity buffer relative to usage
  • Zero planned downtime for upgrades or maintenance 
  • No data migrations, eliminating forklift upgrades
  • Energy efficiency measured by maximum number of watts per TiB
  • Cyber recovery and resilience add-on service that guarantees to ship clean arrays, with on-site professional services included, in addition to cybersecurity reporting and remediation services
  • Site rebalance, enabling customers to adjust reserve commitments across licenses
  • Supply chain optimizations ensure all Evergreen//One service infrastructure is deployed in 28 days or less after the order is received.

In addition to backing our service with SLAs, Pure Storage will pay for your power and rack space when you purchase an Evergreen//One subscription. You can lower your data center costs and go green because Pure Storage is so energy efficient. We’ll help you achieve your sustainability goals—saving you money and our planet at the same time. Just ask about our Paid Power and Rack Commitment.

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How Does Evergreen//One Work?

Pure Storage provides customers with storage options and flexibility unmatched by any legacy storage provider and on par with other top cloud providers in the industry. With Evergreen//One, you get a fully flexible enterprise-grade storage subscription service that unifies and accelerates data management across on premises and the cloud. As a part of the service, you also get access to the following:

  • Pure Cloud Block Store™: This powerful cloud block storage integration tool allows you to manage your AWS and/or Azure cloud storage alongside FlashArray™ and FlashBlade®.
  • Bare Metal as-a-Service: Get simple, on-demand full-stack—network, storage, compute—deployment and support from a single vendor, under one contract.
  • Pure1: This AIOps storage management platform for orchestration, management, VM analytics, and AI predictive support gives you visibility and insight into all of your storage resources, both on premises and in the cloud.
  • Evergreen Architecture: Seamlessly scale performance and storage capacity, with zero downtime or impact to your applications, to meet future data growth.

Pure1 automatically adds capacity when you exceed 80% of your allocation. When you subscribe to Evergreen//One, the storage management platform maintains 25% or 100TiB headroom (at no extra cost) above your actual usage, making sure that there is always elastic and available capacity when needed so you never outgrow your storage.

To start taking advantage of Evergreen//One and all that it offers, you just need a one-year term of the listed minimum reserve commit and you’re ready to start deploying a variety of block, file, and object storage services on premises and in the cloud.

How Much Does Pure Storage Consumption-based Storage Cost?

Pure Storage offers a simple and transparent pricing model based on flat $/GiB rates for services. The table below breaks down the basic pricing structure for Evergreen//One:

Evergreen//One Catalog: Unified Block and File

Evergreen//One Catalog

Unified Block and File






Sample Use Cases

In-memory database
Tier 0 Database


Tier 1 workloads
Production database
DR to cloud

Tier 2 databases and VSI (VMs)
IoT, backup, and retention

Relative Performance1





Typical Latency





Minimum Commitment

50 TiB

50 TiB

50 TiB

200 TiB

Starting MSRP per GiB/month2






1 Relative performance in Block IOPs or File/Object Throughput Detailed in KB

2 MSRP based upon host written effective capacity. Rate is for 12-month term, 50 or 200TiB reserve commit. Greater discounts apply for longer terms and higher capacity.

Evergreen//One Catalog: Unified Fast File and Object

Evergreen//One Catalog

Unified Fast File and Object





Sample Use Cases

High performance computing
AI and ML
Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

High performance analytics
Imaging data
Rich media content

IoT data
Rapid restore
Ransomware recovery
Artifact repositories
Software development S-3 enabled apps

Relative Performance1




Minimum Commitment

75 TiB

100 TiB

150 TiB

Starting MSRP per GiB/month2





1 Relative performance in BlockIOPs or File/Object Throughput Detailed in KB

2 MSRP based upon host written effective capacity. Rate is for 12-month term, minimum TiB Reserve Commit. Greater discounts apply for longer terms and higher capacity.

Evergreen//One Catalog: Unified Data Repository

Evergreen//One Catalog

Unified Data Repository


File & Object

Block & File

Sample Use Cases

Long-term backup & retention
Regulatory, compliance, and
business policy archiving
Spinning disk replacement

Picture archiving and
communication systems (PACS)
Surveillance video footage
Analytics and AI repositories
Exploratory data analysis

Minimum Performance



Minimum Commitment

1500 TiB

500 TiB

Minimum Term

36 Months

36 Months

Starting MSRP per GiB/month




Evergreen//One Catalog: Advanced SLAs

Evergreen//One Catalog

Advanced SLAs

Cyber Recovery

Site Rebalance

What’s Included

Recovery from
ransomware and disasters

Cybersecurity strategy
and risk assessment
Security remediation

Data center relocation
Data center consolidation
Reserve commitment

Starting MSRP per GiB/month

+20% per GiB/mo of

+10% per GiB/mo of

Minimum Commitment

Dependent on tier. See product guide for details.


Evergreen//One Catalog: Artificial Intelligence

Evergreen//One Catalog

Artificial Intelligence

Sample Use Cases

Inferencing, RAG, fine-tuning, model training

Minimum Performance Reserve

30 GBps

Minimum Term

12 Months

Starting MSRP per GB/s/month


Additional Data Consumed: Starting MSRP per GiB/month



Capacity-optimized Unified Block and File Storage

Subscribe to Evergreen//One to access cost-effective, capacity-optimized block and file storage for Tier 2 workloads, including archives for databases and virtual machines, IoT capacity, test/dev environments, and snapshots. The starting commitment for block and file storage is 200TiB for 12 months. Reduced rates are available with a storage commitment of 400 or more TiB and/or a longer contract term.

Performance-optimized Block and File Storage

Subscribe to Evergreen//One to access performance-optimized block storage for Tier 0 and Tier 1 workloads, including hybrid-cloud and multicloud environments, containers, media libraries, and SQL/NoSQL databases.

Choose from four performance tiers:

  • Capacity (1x)
  • Performance (5X)
  • Premium (15X)
  • Ultra (30X)

The starting commitment for capacity-optimized block storage is 200TiB for 12 months. Reduced rates are available with a higher storage commitment and/or longer contract terms.

Unified Fast File and Object Storage

Subscribe to Evergreen//One to access unified fast file and object storage (UFFO) that scales out with your business needs. FlashBlade’s scale-out metadata architecture can handle billions of files and objects for a wide variety of applications, including AI, analytics, rapid restore, software development, and S3-enabled apps.

Choose from three performance tiers:

  • Performance (1X)
  • Premium (2.5X)
  • Ultra (6.5X)

The starting commitment for performance-optimized block storage is 75TiB for 12 months. Reduced rates are available with a higher storage commitment and/or longer contract terms.

Unified Data Repository Storage

Subscribe to Evergreen//One to support long-term unified data repository (UDR) storage that’s also cost-efficient. This tier is for customers who are interested in use cases ranging from disk replacement, long-term backup and retention, regulatory compliance to analytics and AI repositories, surveillance video footage, and picture archiving and communications systems (PACS).

Choose from two performance tiers:

  • File and Object
  • Block and File

The starting commitment for file and object storage is 1,500TiBs for 36 months and 500TiBs for 36 months for block and file storage.

Flexible Pricing Options for Modern Data Storage Solutions

As data volumes increase and faster access is required, the challenge of maintaining siloed data warehouses on premises while juggling multiple vendor-locked SLAs in the cloud is not to be understated. Data storage doesn’t have to be complicated. 

For organizations interested in Pure Storage’s financing solutions for smart asset management that supports the circular economy (i.e., one that prioritizes reuse over disposal), we help customers accelerate their transition to STaaS and reuse products in a sustainable way. Learn more about the variety of flexible funding solutions in our financing solution brief

Contact us today to see how your organization can bridge the cloud divide with a single subscription to Evergreen//One. Uncomplicate your data storage, forever.

To learn more about storage as a service, read the “Storage as a Service for Dummies ebook, visit the Evergreen//One web page, or chat with one of our representatives in your area by calling +1 (800) 976-6494.

1  Pure as-a-Service™ was rebranded to Evergreen//One.

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