Payment Provider Guide to Accelerating Merchant Growth & Reducing Attrition Rate

White Paper

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The payments industry is evolving due to megamergers, Fintech entrants, and changes in merchant and consumer expectations. Legacy payment platforms are struggling to meet growing payment processing demands.

Your payment platforms serve as the front-line tool in providing your merchants and their customers with a frictionless payment experience. Your platform depends on delivering the best application performance and an effective solution.

How is your payment platform performing? Are you protecting your current merchants and future growth? Does your platform ensure secure end-to-end encryption and secure transactions?

The payments industry is growing fast, and so is the data. Is your payment platform ready for multi-dimensional growth?


Leverage this payment platform whitepaper to evaluate the status of your platform. The paper includes:

  • A look at global payment platform performance variability using The Strawhecker Group’s GEM tool
  • A review of various infrastructure options for payment platform upgrades, and why the highest immediate and long-term return comes from upgrading your platform’s legacy storage system
  • A dive into 4 critical factors to futureproof your payment platform – security, performance, cost and a good technology partner like Pure Storage that can help achieve your goals.

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