Evergreen™ Storage behaves like SaaS and the cloud, but on-premises: continuously delivering Pure innovations in software and hardware to you, keeping your storage fresh and modern with next-gen technologies like low-latency NVMe, faster CPUs, and ActiveCluster – all without any disruption, downtime, or performance impact.


We invented the concept of Evergreen storage. After hearing so many customer complaints about other vendors’ cycles of repurchasing and data migration, we thought it was about time. See why it’s so different.


Imagine buying storage capacity once and enjoying upgrades year after year – without losing a penny on your investment. Now imagine doing that without disruptions of any kind – even when you cross generational boundaries. That’s an Evergreen Storage Subscription: you get uninterrupted value from your storage investment for a decade or more, without re-buying a single TB you already own.

Stay Modern

Modernize your array performance, scale, and features non-disruptively, without repurchasing hardware. Your Evergreen Subscription includes  an upgraded controller every three years.*

Upgrade Flex

Upgrade your array performance as you expand, on your schedule. Purchase a qualifying capacity pack and get trade-in credit for your old controllers towards upgraded controllers, even next-generation ones.*

Capacity Consolidation

Manage capacity growth by consolidating data onto newer, denser-capacity flash, even as you move to high-performance DirectFlash™ modules. Get trade-in credit for your old data packs, so you never have to rebuy TBs you already own.*

*Requires active Evergreen Gold subscription. See program terms.

Effortless Subscription-Based Storage Upgrades Effortless Subscription-Based Storage Upgrades

Evergreen Makes It Effortless

Evergreen™ Storage is a world of difference from typical offerings which focus on basic warranties and support, and require continual hardware and software re-purchases for modernization. With Evergreen Subscriptions, you get an experience that's closer to what you expect from a managed service – higher levels of support, all-inclusive software, and predictable maintenance costs for the life of your arrays – all at no extra charge.

A Painless Buying Experience

Take the worry out of buying storage with Pure’s Right-Size Guarantee. Powered by the highest total efficiency in the industry, you’ll be guaranteed a minimum effective capacity that fits your needs. If it falls short, we’ll make up the difference with additional capacity. No worries about not buying enough storage – or buying too much. Pure’s is the right size, guaranteed.

And You’ll Save
up to 50%

With Evergreen Storage Subscriptions, our solutions pay for themselves, fast. Looking at just your initial storage investment and refresh over 6 years, Pure saves you on average 33% compared to the traditional forklift upgrade model. Adding lower environmental, management, and migration costs pushes the total savings to 50% and more. Imagine that kind of savings across your entire storage spend!

The Game Changers

What’s made us a 2017 IDC MarketScape leader?
A strategy for the future that since 2015 has included the revolutionary technology refresh program we call Evergreen Storage.


Today’s CFOs are constantly looking for ways to drive value in their organizations. Thanks to Evergreen™ Storage, Pure arrays have no defined end of life. That means Pure customers can extend their depreciation schedule out to 7+ years, with savings of as much as 70% per year compared to traditional storage – savings that can boost an organization’s earnings per share (EPS) and look much better on a balance sheet.

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“The Evergreen program is the most creative and cost-effective solution out there for keeping up with the rapid growth in storage capacity as well as changes in storage technology.”
Dale Sanders, President of Technology
Health Catalyst
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“Pure Storage’s Evergreen business model removed the anxiety of the traditional storage renewal.”
Matt Harris, Head of IT
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“We know what the costs will be in a year, two years, three years. That's what the Evergreen program does and you can't say that anywhere else.”
Wade Sendall, VP of IT
The Boston Globe

Evergreen Storage in Action

Lamar Advertising Company is the nation’s leading out-of-home advertising company, with more than 310,000 displays in North America. Watch Peter Dunn, Director of Infrastructure for Lamar, discuss his experience as a long-term customer of Pure Storage, and describe how Evergreen Storage has helped Lamar stay modern while controlling costs.

Engineered to be Evergreen

Evergreen Storage revolutionized the storage ownership experience by delivering value on customers’ storage investments through generations of non-disruptive performance and density improvements. Many have tried to imitate Evergreen, but – lacking its core technology – their offerings never quite match up. So don’t settle for less.

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