Future-proof Automotive Data Solutions

Automakers are betting their future on data with self-driving cars, electric vehicles, smart manufacturing, and many other innovations. Pure is the right partner for the journey.

It’s Time for Automakers to Embrace Disruption

Automakers are experiencing the greatest transformation since the Ford Model T. Data analysis is now critical to success, with the need to move beyond legacy IT models. Pure has disrupted the storage industry, enabling automakers to drive transformational change. Let’s take the ride together.


Modern AI Data Architecture

Artificial Intelligence and analytics propel key automotive use cases like autonomous driving and smart manufacturing. Pure Storage FlashBlade//S™ handles tens of billions of files and/or objects with maximum performance for AI-driven automakers.

High Performance Databases and VMs

Speed and reliability at scale are paramount for modernizing automakers. The FlashArray™ family has a range of performance options, delivering exceptional density and power savings. 99.9999% availability and non-disruptive upgrades keep you online.

Automotive Software Excellence

Software is the critical disrupter for automakers. Containers and microservices are the delivery platform. Portworx® provides container-granular storage, disaster recovery, data security, cross-cloud and data migrations, and more. Containers simplified.

Innovation that Drives Success 

Innovation is the key to automotive success. You need a storage partner that’s equally innovative. Pure’s unique Evergreen subscription-based portfolio keeps you up to date with the latest features and provides incredible flexibility in the face of an unpredictable industry.

Environmentally Responsible Storage

Automakers are committed to carbon neutrality and sustainable practices. Pure is equally committed as an industry leader in power-efficient, extremely high density storage—part of Pure’s overall focus on our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) mission.


Don't Take Our Word for It

We work with the best across all industries

“The performance of Pure Storage was an immediate standout for us, but the simplicity of the offer made them absolutely different from the competition. They were taking the F1 approach to storage”


“Thanks to the AI power of AIRI, we can provide customers in the automotive industry and other domains such as smart cities and asset management with advanced custom solutions.”

Frank Geujen
 Program Management Office Director, Advanced Research Lab, NavInfo (Europe) B.V.

Making Breakthroughs with Data

Learn how Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One made ground-breaking performance improvements with Pure under the hood.

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Supported by Pure, Cloudera helps automakers with end-to-end big data workflows.

How do modern application architectures help deliver automotive solutions?

DevOps methodologies and containerization are essential to modern automakers. Continuous collaboration leads to faster and better releases. Microservices speed innovation and provide massive scale. There are many additional benefits. Pure Storage has solutions uniquely suited to the modern automaker.

People also ask:

1. Can legacy IT infrastructures handle the AI needs of automakers?

The automotive industry is increasingly driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics. From the car to the factory to the dealership, rapid data analysis is driving change and new, revenue generating use cases. But older IT infrastructures are not built to handle the data deluge. The size and complexity of data are overwhelming old architectures, and the speed just isn’t there.

2. Are automakers at risk from ransomware attacks?

Security firm Sophos reported that 36% of manufacturers were hit with a ransomware attack in the previous year. The pace of attacks is increasing. It is clear that all industries need to harden their infrastructures and develop clear response procedures to ransomware attacks.  


3. Can Pure help automakers run modern data services run on Google Kubernetes Engine?

Yes. Portworx can be used by Google Cloud’s Anthos customers running in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and GKE On-Prem.  Portworx enables Google customers to solve several hard problems preventing wider adoption of Kubernetes within their organization.

First, Portworx handles persistence, high availability, auto-scaling, and other requirements for running mission-critical data services in containers. Second, when running applications in multiple environments, such as GKE and GKE on-prem, Portworx lets you move data securely between environments for backup and recovery, capacity planning, and maintenance.  Finally, Portworx enables enterprises to embrace agility gains from cloud native technologies without sacrificing security by providing capabilities like container-granular data encryption and role-based access controls.

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