Not Just Easy – Effortless

What if your storage were so simple and reliable that you rarely even thought about it? Pure's modern data experience is a lot better than easy – it’s effortless. Now you can focus on innovation, rather than administration.

Imagine the End of Downtime

What does designing for 100% availability, or what we call always-on, always-fast, mean in the real world? It means your data is always available – through software and hardware upgrades, maintenance, and even generational upgrades. Today, 96.6% of our arrays have achieved 100% availability. Goodbye, downtime.

Like the Self-Driving Car, Only It’s Here – Now

We aim to eradicate all the complexity of traditional storage – and the management tasks surrounding that complexity. No more tuning, storage pools, caching, tiering, performance troubleshooting, planned downtime, forklift upgrades, and the rest. Instead, we’ve created a modern data experience that manages itself through machine learning predictive intelligence. If there’s ever anything that needs your attention, your smartphone will let you know.

Anyone Can Use This

We believe storage should be plug-n-play simple. A Pure Storage installation consists of connecting a few cables while glancing at an instructional business card. No manuals, nothing extra to buy or install. Same with your solutions: your storage should be application-aware and self-configuring. So you’ll be up and running faster.

Our Team Becomes Your Team

We’re here to make your job easier, and we’re always thinking of ways to make it easier still. That’s why your Pure Storage solution in effect comes with a team of admins monitoring the health of your cloud-connected array to keep you at full performance, 24/7. We’re going to handle most issues before you’re even aware of them. In fact, there’s so little you’ll have to do, you might just forget your storage management login password. (This has happened to a number of customers.)

Bringing The Cloud

We see a future of effortless storage that is fully cloud-connected, one in which management, analytics, support, and protection are delivered as services with the assistance of an AI interface, and where big data-driven insights from our global installed base continuously improve your storage. Imagine storage that not only snaps and backs up your data automatically, – giving you application-consistent recovery anytime, anywhere, at the click of a button – but also looks ahead, helping you plan to meet your performance and capacity growth needs.

What does effortless look like at scale?

We took a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company with 20+ arrays from an IT-wide 97% availability to greater than 99%. Doesn’t sound like much of a change? That’s the difference between IT-wide downtime totaling almost two weeks each year to less than five minutes. To say nothing of all the other benefits of all-flash speed. Everyone in IT got their bonuses for the first time in 3 years!

What If Storage Was Your Unfair Advantage?

That’s the Pure Storage experience. Effortless, Efficient, and Evergreen.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

1. Review your requirements

Start now by connecting with our experts to assess your storage needs.

2. Execute a POC

Work with our team on a Proof of Concept to demonstrate our fit.

3. Migrate to Pure

Partner with the right team to start driving down your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).