FlashArray enables businesses to start small and grow as they need with high-performance, scalable data storage and the astonishing simplicity of Pure.

Effortless is
“Six Nines”

FlashArray//X10 is the most affordable //X, but like the rest of the FlashArray line it delivers proven 99.9999% availability, consistent performance through upgrades and maintenance, and industry-leading predictive support. Goodbye, downtime. //X10 puts effortless, proven-in-the-enterprise storage within reach.

Accelerate Your Critical Apps

Take an application to all-flash speed. With consistent sub-1ms latency and proven 99.9999% availability, //X10 will power your workloads with ease. Meanwhile, enjoy data reduction that’s typically 2x better than the competition – and data protection that includes end-to-end encryption, snapshots, replication, and more.

Storage That Just Works

FlashArray is self-managing and plug-n-play easy: appliance-like install in thirty minutes, and provisioning in seconds – no manuals, no training, and no tuning required. Our cloud-based management platform means your smartphone will let you know if there’s anything that needs your attention.

Plug-n-Play Entry-Level Data Storage

It’s All Included

Each //X10 includes everything you need to drive your business forward – there’s nothing extra to buy or install. You get the same industry-leading software, zero-compromise data services, and Pure1® cloud-based management platform that power every FlashArray. Best of all, you’re ready to simply and easily integrate and automate with the rest of your data center.

Storage That Gets Better With Age

We’ve not only revolutionized what storage is, we’ve reinvented how storage is owned. With our Evergreen Storage Subscription model, your storage grows with you, according to your needs, providing value for a decade or more. Deploy once, upgrade capacity, performance, and features non-disruptively – and never re-buy a TB you already own or migrate anything.

Entry-Level Storage by Subscription

A Full Cloud in 9U

Get started in all-flash cloud IT with FlashStack Mini, a converged infrastructure solution occupying just 9U and featuring FlashArray. Now you can virtualize all your applications and accelerate – in a package that will fit under your desk.

FlashStack Mini: Entry-Level Converged Infrastructure

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

1. Review your requirements

Start now by connecting with our experts to assess your storage needs.

2. Take a Test Drive

See how Pure works with quick setup of an online test environment.

3. Migrate to Pure

Partner with the right team to start driving down your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).