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Considering NetApp for Your Next Refresh? 

Rethink your refresh of legacy storage.  Be disruptive, not disrupted.

Move Up to Uncomplicated Storage

Now more than ever, IT is in the front seat to drive innovation as business needs evolve. But NetApp (once again) wants you to compromise with legacy architecture. Take action now to reject their risky, disruptive migrations. Embrace storage agility with the industry’s leading, all-flash storage innovator. Pure can uncomplicate your storage, forever. There’s no reason to settle for less.

Investment Protection

  • Pure: Upgrade to the latest-generation controller with full trade-in credits for old controllers. No renewal required.
  • NetApp: No investment protection for traditionally purchased storage, must re-buy hardware to upgrade.

Non-disruptive Upgrades

  • Pure: Proven 99.9999% availability, with over 3,000 non-disruptive controller upgrades and no forklift upgrades or data migrations.*
  • NetApp: Upgrading a NetApp AFF system is disruptive when moving storage media or non-disruptive when moving volumes, but requires a complex cluster setup.

* For FlashArray

Proven Modern Simplicity

  • Pure: Addresses the most demanding application performance needs with 100% all-flash, end-to-end NVMe and NVMe-oF.
  • NetApp: Legacy architecture slows innovation. Portfolio lacks critical features for business continuity and agility.

Dynamic, Continuous Innovation

  • Pure: Pure invests more than 25% of revenue in R&D. Recent introductions include NVMe-oF, synchronous active-active replication, and enhanced data reduction.
  • NetApp: All-flash FAS arrays are still not all end-to-end NVMe. Less focus on innovation with only 16% of revenue invested in R&D.

Proven Track Record vs. Make-shift Architecture

Choose a fast, efficient architecture and take full advantage of a 100% NVMe-enabled portfolio.

With proven 99.9999% availability and industry-leading efficiency, FlashArray//X is designed for the most demanding applications. See why customers give Pure an 85.2 NPS rating and Gartner places Pure as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for Primary Storage.

The Evergreen Experience vs. Painful Refreshes

Sustaining innovation and competitiveness requires a dependable technology foundation. Forget disruptive upgrades, data migrations, and capacity re-buys. Take advantage of the most choice in flexible consumption subscriptions and make your next storage refresh your last one.

* OPEX treatment is subject to customer’s auditor review

The Customer Experience to Beat

Can you upgrade your storage without disrupting your business? (Spoiler alert: Yes.) Upgrade on your schedule and disrupt the game with non-disruptive upgrades.

The Picture Says It All!

Pure Storage is positioned highest for Ability to Execute and furthest for Completeness of Vision for the fourth consecutive year in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Primary Storage.

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See Why Evergreen Leads The Way


Pure Storage


Ease of Use

Built from the ground up to eliminate manual tasks and automate tuning, support, and maintenance.

Legacy platform, customer responsible for maintaining and configuring storage primitives

Non-Disruptive HW and SW Upgrades Across Generations

Truly non-disruptive, data-in-place, full performance, modular upgrades via Evergreen architecture

Significant performance reduction during "non-disruptive" upgrades*

Highly Consistent All-flash Portfolio

One architecture, two platforms (scale-up, scale-out), with shared Evergreen, DirectFlash®, Purity, Pure1®

Multiple hybrid and All-Flash products with disparate upgrade paths and management interfaces

One Software Architecture

All storage systems  are based upon a single Purity software platform

AFF/FAS systems are based upon a single software platform, ONTAP. E-Series and StorageGrid are different

Direct-to-flash Management

DirectFlash® software and hardware technology that increases both density and performance

Commodity SSD-based, retrofitted architecture that limits efficiency and performance

Traditional ownership subscription: Investment protection with routine/on-demand upgrades

Evergreen//Forever™: Controller/blade upgrades at regular intervals, anytime 100% controller/blade trade-in credit, flash trade-in

Only for "eligible controllers", with convoluted & selective upgrade matrix; has flash trade-in

Proven Record Of Delivering on Promises Upgrade/Trade-in

Delivered >10,000 controller upgrades, without disruption or rebuy

New program (Feb 2023) unproven

Available Fully as-a-Service, with Flexible Terms and All-inclusive Software

Evergreen//One™: 1 to 5 year terms, all array software features included

Keystone: semi-flexible 1 to 3 year terms, extra charges for data protection, other features

As-a-Service SLAs: Performance, Capacity, Availability, Energy Efficiency

Evergreen//One: Solutions customized, measured, and remediated according to clear SLAs; industry's first energy efficiency SLA

Keystone: Performance SLO only (no known remediation)

Energy-efficient, Sustainable Storage

Up to 85% less energy use/carbon emissions than competing all-flash, lower e-waste with proven Evergreen design**

Much less energy efficient

Unified File Services

Unified file services delivered on a modern storage platform

Block services delivered on top of a native file platform


* If controllers are not throttled to 50% or less performance utilization in normal operation.
** 2023 ESG Report

Test Drive FlashArray

Experience how Pure Storage dramatically simplifies block and file in a self service environment.

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“I don’t have to worry about storage anymore. We needed a fast, reliable storage solution that was simple to implement and maintain. And that’s exactly what we have with Pure.”

Steve Culy
Senior Systems Engineer, Navis

“We have had 100% uptime on our Pure arrays for nearly five years, and that includes software updates and controller upgrades.”

David Coindreau
Manager of Server and Storage Services, Frost Bank
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