Evergreen Gold and Silver Subscriptions

Pure Evergreen reimagines what owning storage should be. With Evergreen Storage Gold and Silver subscriptions you can harness rapid software, hardware, and flash innovation—annually or more often—with no need to wait for a four- or five-year refresh cycle like you would with legacy storage.

Evergreen Gold and Evergreen Silver both deliver a subscription to Pure’s ever-improving capabilities across software, white-glove support, and maintenance. With both Gold and Silver, all array software updates are always included, even new features. Gold adds a hardware subscription and the best economics for routine modernization.

Evergreen Storage Subscriptions: Gold and Silver

Evergreen Storage Features

Evergreen Gold

Evergreen Silver

Software Subscription

All-inclusive array software

Future array software features

HW and SW Maintenance Subscription

Flat and Fair Maintenance

Evergreen Maintenance

White-glove Support Subscription

Predictive analytics and services

Instant L2 support access

Sev 1 response SLA

15 minutes

15 minutes

Support-managed upgrades

On-site break/fix SLAs

4hr and NBD

4hr and NBD

Mobile/SaaS-based monitoring

Media and Controllers Subscription

Evergreen Architecture
(stateless, software-driven, modular)

Right Size* and 30-day guarantees

Upgrade Flex controllers**

Anytime full trade-in credit


Capacity Consolidation**

Anytime full trade-in credit
w/4x capacity



Free Every Three*



* See Evergreen Storage Program terms. Right Size Guarantee available on FlashArray //X
** Requires purchase of qualifying capacity. Capacity Consolidation for FlashBlade available under Evergreen Silver subscription.
See Evergreen Storage Program Terms

Go Gold for Always-Modern Arrays

Evergreen Gold includes multiple ways to keep your Pure FlashArray up-to-date. With Free Every Three, you can upgrade to the latest-generation controllers with every three-year subscription renewal. It’s not some vague promise of a trade-in credit to be named later, but brand-new controllers. Think of it as your modernization insurance policy, ensuring that you will stay modern on about the same schedule you would have, but without the forklift upgrade and re-buy that your old legacy storage required.

Upgrade Flex

If you need to upgrade sooner, Gold’s Upgrade Flex lets you upgrade to higher-performing and latest-generation controllers at any time. Upgrade Flex provides you the agility to meet the needs of your growing workloads—as well as unplanned events that demand more performance and capacity quickly. With Upgrade Flex you get full-value trade-in for your old controllers toward new controllers with all the extra capacity headroom and performance needed.

“With Evergreen, we showed the board that if we ever ran out of space or needed to upgrade, we would only pay for the difference, and not have to buy the same storage again. That was a very big positive.” - Dave Alumbaugh, Lewis County Public Utility District

Unlike legacy storage vendors, Evergreen requires no planned downtime, no data migration, no performance hits and no storage re-buy. Even your existing flash storage will work with the new controllers. And you get TCO savings of up to 60% versus legacy storage. 

“I have gone through many forklift upgrades in my career, and it is always a painful experience. The promise of the Evergreen program is that there will be no disruption and zero dollars wasted.” - John Carver, Chapman University

Capacity Consolidation

Evergreen Gold’s Capacity Consolidation helps you keep up with advances in flash technology without rebuying capacity. As you grow, move from older flash to newer, denser media (non-disruptively, of course) with trade-in credits for the capacity you’re upgrading. You don’t have to re-buy terabytes to take advantage of denser media or move toward new flash technologies over time. You can decrease the size of the array at the same time that you are expanding it, which helps protect your investments as you modernize flash media over time.

Agile Storage for Your Changing Needs

Evergreen Gold provides investment protection. You always have the ability to upgrade to the latest technology without having to rip, replace, and rebuy. Not only can you keep your storage modern to respond to business and IT needs, but you can do so in an incredibly economical way.

"Evergreen was crucial. As a medium-sized company, budget is always an issue. Evergreen offers us investment protection and ensures that we always have the latest technology.” - Oliver Retz, Jung Holding

Right Size Guarantee

On top of keeping your storage modern and agile, Evergreen has reinvented how you purchase storage. Pure’s Right Size Guarantee eliminates guesswork and guarantees that you will have the effective capacity you need. All array software is always included, now and in the future, so you always have the latest features without taking another budget hit. We’re so confident that you’ll love your Pure products that we offer the industry's best no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee.

Flat & Fair Maintenance

The Flat & Fair maintenance keeps your subscription renewals predictable and guarantees the base rate won’t increase. All array components are guaranteed for life, so you don’t have to worry about not getting replacements in the future. And our award-winning white-glove support experience proactively monitors your system, predicting problems before they occur. In fact, more than 70% of our support tickets are proactively generated by Pure on behalf of customers.

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