Healthcare Now Depends on Data

Pure Storage solutions drive the machine learning and AI tools that are redefining patient care and healthcare economics through big data.

Meet Your Data Challenge Head-on

Integrated care requires high-performance workflows, clinical apps, and advanced data analytics – all powered by machine learning. With unprecedented agility, simplicity, and scale, the Pure Storage Data Platform is ready to consolidate and speed all your apps even as you add next-gen analytics and AI.

FlashBlade Powers AI

FlashBlade™ is the industry’s first and only purpose-built, dynamic data hub for modern analytics and deep learning.

Machine Learning for Medical Imaging

Machine learning has shown the potential for helping with fast-rising radiology workloads through machine-assisted image analysis and rapid, broad image access. But widespread adoption requires storage that’s able to keep up at scale. Enter FlashBlade. 

AI / Deep Learning

AI is powered by massively parallel technologies, like deep learning and GPUs. Legacy storage systems were built on decades-old building blocks, designed in the serial era. Modern storage needs to be architected from the ground-up to be massively parallel for Artificial Intelligence.

Putting AI & Machine Learning to Work in Healthcare

Listen in as Mark Michalski, MD, Executive Director at the MGH & BWH Center for Clinical Data Science (CCDS), details the infrastructure enabling efforts at applying machine learning to healthcare, and the potential for machine learning to become a powerful tool in the hands of clinical professionals in the years to come.


Machine learning applies not just to your data, but to your all-flash array itself. By continuously scanning call-home telemetry from Pure’s installed base, our Pure1® cloud-based management and support uses machine learning predictive analytics to help resolve potential issues and optimize your workloads.

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