Modernize Backup, Drive the Business

Imagine your backup solution being fast enough to rapidly restore data when it matters most, yet big enough to consolidate all your data silos – even your backup appliances. With flash-to-flash-to-cloud (F2F2C), it's possible.

Stuck with a Slow and Inflexible Backup Appliance?

Forget yesterday’s siloed, single-task infrastructure. In today’s data-driven economy, you need a data hub capable of consolidating a wide range of workloads – backup and restore, test/dev, modern data analytics, and AI – and powerful enough to restore data rapidly at critical moments. Pure Storage FlashBlade delivers such a platform.

Cloud Economics and All-Flash Performance? Yes.

Enterprises are often forced to make trade-offs between performance and cost. That is, until now. Meet ObjectEngine™ platform, the industry's first F2F2C platform for data protection. When paired with FlashBlade, you get both fast restores of your most recent data and complete backup of your data in the cloud. No more compromises.

Here’s how you modernize – and simplify

What a difference FlashBlade makes. Take one example: a government customer can now rapidly restore data while consolidating siloed workloads – all in just 4U.    

Modernize and Simplify Your Data Backup and Restoration

Old Architecture

Time for a Forklift Upgrade

$200K in Migration Costs

Too Slow for Test/Dev

Storing, Not Analyzing, Images and LIDAR Data

Next-Gen Architecture

Replaced Silos with 4U

Saved $200K in Migration Cost

Rapid Restore for Test/Dev

Starting Data Analytics Initiative

It's Time to
Unify Your Data –
All of It

Leave data silos behind. Data hub is a single, unified platform that enables you to consolidate your data and accelerate your data-intensive apps with all-flash power.

Industry-Leading Solutions –Tested & Proven

Our diverse portfolio of partners extends the native capabilities of the data hub in backup and restore with a robust set of data protection solutions to modernize your infrastructure.

Streamline and simplify snapshot-based data protection by automating and standardizing app-aware snapshot management.

Modernize virtualized data centers with all-flash performance, automated backup, and instant recovery.

Veeam Backup & Replication™ provides fast, flexible, and reliable recovery of virtualized environments.

Partnering with Oracle, Pure delivers fast backup and restore for Oracle databases.

No more planning ahead for backup windows or data recovery for DBAs – move your MySQL databases instantly.

Empower your DBAs by delivering SQL Server databases quickly and simply.

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“We saw a real boost in IOPS. Our backups used to take from 24 to as much as 48 hours, which was such a long time that we would miss cycles and the backup wouldn’t be accurate. But now, our backups take just six hours.”

Michael Richardson, System Administrator
Smithville Fiber
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“As a FlashArray and FlashBlade customer, we’re excited to pair the Pure platform with Rubrik for our backup needs. The integrations with array-based snapshots, combined with the ease of use of both products, has greatly enhanced our operations as well as disaster recovery.”

Katie Bye, Manager
Farm Bureau Insurance
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“FlashBlade gives us the confidence that we can execute data restoral within the timeframes our customers expect.”

Greg Mersberger, Vice President Cloud Services