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Slashing Storage TCO

Cost-optimized, All-flash Storage Is Here. Now.

Unlock massive savings, on-premises and in the cloud.

Cut Costs, Improve Performance, Accelerate Business

All-flash, capacity-optimized storage is now available at costs comparable to disk. Slash storage costs on-premises and in the cloud while improving data access, performance, uptime, and sustainability.

The Pure Advantage

Deliver Operational Savings
On-premises and in the Cloud

Reduce management complexity, slash TCO by 40% for your repository data, and decrease cloud storage costs by 50% while enhancing performance and reliability.

Save Money While Going Green

Cut energy spending, save space, and reduce e-waste with up to 80% less power and cooling requirements, all in one-fifth of the physical footprint.

Break the Cycle of Obsolescence

The industry’s original storage as-a-service delivers instant scalability, seamless upgrades, predictable pricing, and always-on availability, on-premises and in the cloud. Guaranteed!

Calculate Your Savings

Optimize Your Storage Costs

Discover Your Savings
What is your total storage capacity required (effective)?
30 PB


Pure Storage
Data Center Space
Data Center Space: The physical data center space cost of the storage array, usually calculated per rack or Rack Unit.
Operations: The "people" operations cost for managing your storage. Usually calculated per full time employee (FTE) or contractor.
Direct Energy
Direct Energy: The power cost of running your storage arrays excluding cooling. Calculated per cost/kWh for grid or generator energy usage.
1,233,700 kWh
387,829 kWh
Cooling Energy
Cooling Energy: The power cost of cooling required for your storage arrays. Calculated per cost/kWh for grid or generator energy usage.
513,219 kWh
161,337 kWh
You save 55,571 kWh annually with Pure!
Estimated 6-year cost savings
Compared to Competitive Disk Solutions
Total Cost Savings
Total Energy Savings

Top Five Ways to Save With a Consistent Data Storage Platform

It’s possible to reduce your storage complexity and gain instant data access without increasing your acquisition and operational costs.

  • Easily scale to support business requirements without compromising performance.
  • Lower energy bills and free up valuable real estate in your data center
  • Eliminate frustration and expense from unplanned downtime.
  • See up to 40% lower TCO over six years compared to disk-based systems.
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Flexibility and Speed, but at a Cost

The cloud offers unprecedented ability to scale infrastructure quickly, but there are challenges as data footprints continue to grow. See how IT leaders are approaching hybrid and multi cloud.

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Featured Solutions

Economical. Efficient. Everlasting.

Rapidly migrate your HDD platform to the Pure//E™ Family and access the industry's best all-flash storage.

Evergreen//One Improves TCO

Evergreen//One™, the Pure Storage storage-as-a-service (STaaS) offering, helps build a storage infrastructure that controls uncertainty, accelerates change, mitigates risk, and reduces costs.

Reduce Cloud Storage Costs by
Up to 50%

Pure Cloud Block Store™ lowers your cloud storage costs with superior data reduction and enterprise-grade data services.

Resources and Insights

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Reduce Data Center Carbon Footprint with Efficient Storage

Cut data center carbon footprint to save 80% power, reduce e-waste, and boost efficiency.

Navigate Data Growth with Pure Storages All-flash Simplicity

Simplify storage management with all-flash efficiency, unified visibility, and consolidation.

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