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What Is Microsoft Data Storage?

What Is Microsoft Data Storage?

What Is Microsoft Data Storage?

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) used to store, process, and manage data. Pure Storage® all-flash arrays give you the storage solution you need to maximize the speed, scalability, and agility of your Microsoft data storage.

How All-flash Storage Arrays can Enhance Microsoft Data Storage

Like any RDBMS, Microsoft SQL Server must consume compute and storage resources from the underlying hardware infrastructure upon which it is installed. As the complexity and volume of data needed by your business grows, so too does the strain on your physical IT infrastructure. If you’re still running a data lake filled with legacy storage silos powered by spinning-disk drives, performance bottlenecks are bound to occur. 

NVMe storage technology offers a number of advantages for boosting the performance of your Microsoft data storage solution, including: 

  • Faster data transfer speeds
  • Higher data throughput
  • Massive parallelism with over 64K queues for I/O operations 
  • Improved resiliency and reliability (no spinning disks)

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Why Choose Pure Storage for Microsoft Data Storage?

Pure Storage products are designed from the bottom up to unlock the hidden potential of NVMe storage for enterprise applications. Advantages of Pure all-flash arrays include:

  • All the benefits of NVMe storage
  • Effortless integration with Azure and Cloud Block Store™ for a true hybrid cloud experience
  • 99.9999% uptime on Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange with Purity ActiveCluster™ on FlashArray™
  • Streamlined Microsoft workloads with Pure’s Windows Admin Center Extension
  • Up to 80x increase in performance for data-copy and file transfer operations with ODX1

Pure Storage is a Microsoft partner with dedicated alliance and technical support teams, plus engineering resources. Pure continually works closely with Microsoft to develop technical solutions for their workloads.

In a test during product development in 2017, the time it took to copy a 50GB file was reduced from 83 seconds to 1 second. Source: “ODX with FlashArray: An Engineer’s Perspective

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