Data Protection You Can Count On

Pure Data-Centric Architecture delivers industry-leading availability while enabling comprehensive data protection across the enterprise.

All the Tools You Need

Whether it’s local or metro HA, backup, DR, or copy data management, Pure Storage data protection solutions have you covered. Set-up in minutes, and automate everything via protection policies.

Business Continuity & DR

Business Continuity

  • Active-Active
  • Zero RPO/Zero RTO
  • Transparent failover

Disaster Recovery

  • Multi-site replication
  • Low RPO/Zero RTO

Automated protection policies for easy management

Backup & Recovery

Space-efficient Pure Storage snapshots enable

  • Local HA for your on-premises storage
  • Rapid backup windows for remote data backup to secondary storage with partner solutions
  • Reduced storage capacity 

Copy Data Management

Leveraging copies of production data helps

  • Expand use of data for dev/test, analytics
  • Reduce time to market
  • Lower TCO without need for additional infrastructure

Purity ActiveCluster Delivers
Business Continuity

Purity//FA 5 includes ActiveCluster natively – so you can achieve new levels of data availability across racks, data centers, or metro regions, effortlessly and affordably, with no additional hardware. ActiveCluster is enabled by the replication and snapshot capabilities of Purity Protect. Set up takes just minutes, but the peace of mind is endless.

Disaster Recovery is Built-In

Data protection on Pure Storage starts with a rich set of capabilities – from space-efficient snapshots to replication – that provide low RPO and enable zero RTO with instant recovery. All data services are built-in and available at no additional cost. And, with Pure1 cloud-based management, you can monitor your replication policy from anywhere.

Inflexible Backup Appliances Slowing You Down?

What if you could have a single platform that accelerated backup and restore while consolidating other workloads – like analytics and software dev? FlashBlade is that platform.

Modern Protection, Born from Flash and Cloud

The old approach to data protection consists of disk and tape, leaving customers with expensive data silos. What if you can restore your data rapidly while saving money with cloud economics. Meet the ObjectEngine™ platform, industry's first data protection solution to deliver flash-to-flash-to-cloud. 

Certified for vSphere SRM

Pure Storage Replication Adapter provides native array replication and protection policies to support VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM). This integration simplifies disaster recovery by automating data protection and failover/failback processes.

Comprehensive Backup & Recovery
with Pure Storage Partners

Our diverse portfolio of partners extends the native capabilities of the Data Platform in backup and recovery with a robust set of data protection solutions to modernize your data protection methodologies.

Streamline and simplify snapshot-based data protection by automating and standardizing app-aware snapshot management.

Partnering with Oracle, Pure delivers fast backup and restore for Oracle databases.

Veeam Backup & Replication™ provides fast, flexible, and reliable recovery of virtualized environments.

Actifio delivers Enterprise Data as a Service to thousands of global enterprise customers and service provider partners in more than 37 countries.

Modernize virtualized data centers with all-flash performance, automated backup, and instant recovery.

Veritas and Pure Storage help multi-cloud enterprises gain agility and speed with integrated snapshot-based protection for scale-out data in Flash Arrays.

Effortless CDM – on a shared platform!

Integrate and orchestrate your copy data management with partner solutions from Actifio and Catalogic Software. Leverage the Data Platform’s capacity for 1000s of space-efficient snapshots to drive productivity across production, analytics, dev/test, and dev ops.

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“We saw a real boost in IOPS. Our backups used to take from 24 to as much as 48 hours, which was such a long time that we would miss cycles and the backup wouldn’t be accurate. But now, our backups take just six hours.”
Michael Richardson, System Administrator
Smithville Fiber
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“As a FlashArray and FlashBlade customer, we’re excited to pair the Pure platform with Rubrik for our backup needs. The integrations with array-based snapshots, combined with the ease of use of both products, has greatly enhanced our operations as well as disaster recovery.”
Katie Bye, Manager
Farm Bureau Insurance
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“Pure Storage all-inclusive software licensing stood out. It includes many of our required features, like setting up replication for local resiliency and cross data-center disaster recovery.”
Brett Hobbs, Group IT Manager
BCS Group