Disaster Recovery and Protection Built-In

With FlashRecover, your data is safe. Space-efficient, local or remote copies provide built-in disaster recovery and protection – giving you low RPO and making zero RTO possible without the need for add-on appliances. Multi-site replication gives you the flexibility and insurance that you need to operate. And automated end-to-end protection policies will save you time.

Instant, Limitless Snapshots

FlashRecover Snapshots are space-efficient and have no effect on FlashArray performance. Instantly recover any volume.

Snapshot Any Volume at Any Time

Snapshot any volume or group of volumes in the array at the click of a mouse. No planning or reservations required, no performance overhead.

Snapshots Have Full Capabilities

All volumes in the FlashArray are virtual and independent, so mount, read, write, or snapshot your snapshot again – no restrictions, full performance.

Always Full Yet Space Saving

Forget choosing between snapshots and clones. All snapshots function like full clones, but they are always thin, deduped, and compressed.

Recover Anything to Anywhere

Instantly recover any volume from any other volume or snapshot in the array. Recoveries include an automated fail-back snapshot of the original – just in case.

Asynchronous and Snapshot Replication Combined

Achieve low RPO with regular delta updates and enable zero RTO with instant recovery from an extended library of point-in-time snapshots. All this built-in and included – no need for add-on replication appliances or software licensing. Flexibly mix and match FlashArray models and configurations.

Setup and Manage in Minutes

Simple 3-step setup with no required professional services. Protection Policies plus Purity GUI/CLI make managing replication a breeze.

Data Reduction-Optimized

Disaster recovery that is always thin, deduped, and compressed. No more lost performance, ballooning data, and added complexity.

Instant Recovery Enables Zero RTO

Instantly export any replica as an active LUN – no data copying required. Get your applications back online faster.

Multi-Site Replication

1:Many, Many:1 or Many:Many replication delivers flexibility. Use for data sharing, centralized backup, or DR.

Automated Protection Policies

FlashRecover Protection Policies support automation of local snapshots, remote replication or both – all within the same Pure Storage® GUI.

Flexible Protection Groups

Protection based on point-in-time, consistent protection groups, easily defined within the Pure Storage GUI or CLI. From volumes to hosts to host groups, multiple objects can be grouped together for consistent protection.

Variable Retention Automation

Configure creation frequency and retention periods independently for local snapshots and remote replicas. Extended library of local and remote snapshots is automatically thinned over time and expired snapshots are auto-deleted.

"Truly, I do sleep better at night knowing that our data is on the Pure [FlashArray]."
Sasha Kipervarg, Senior Manager
"We have really seen the value of the flexibility that [Pure] gives us and the ability to really drive more value for the company that way."
Jack Hogan, CTO
"We roll out a new application and we don’t worry about storage anymore."
Matthew Morgan, VP – Information Technology
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