Discover Workloads Without Limits

Breakthrough with always-on, always-fast, always easy-to-manage data management solutions for all your workloads. Drive productivity and operational efficiencies—and eliminate under-performing workloads, costly downtime, slow response times, and complexity.

Unlock The Value of Data Everywhere

On-premises or in the cloud. Wherever your data lives, Pure Storage delivers the world’s best data management solution for unshackling mission-critical applications, simplifying virtualization workloads, and activating analytics.

Mission-critical Applications

Unshackle Mission-critical Applications

Get consistent, predictable performance and rapid response times from your Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and web-scale applications. Pure delivers the industry’s best data reduction, so you spend less on operating costs. And our  99.9999% proven availability with FlashArray™, and Evergreen™ Non-Disruptive Upgrade (NDU) capabilities offers your team an end to planned—and unplanned—downtime.

Virtualized Workloads

Radically Simplify Virtualized Workloads

Work directly in hypervisors and container services to automate and orchestrate workloads in private or hybrid clouds and automate processes to increase IT productivity. You’ll get the flexibility to integrate and optimize FlashArray under the policies Virtualization Admins rely upon to managing their workloads.

Consolidate data for analytics

Activate Shared Data for Analytics

Break down data silos with a shared, unified data hub that brings heterogeneous workloads together. Adopt a flexible and scalable architecture so you can deliver the potential of analytics and AI— and eliminate the pain of legacy silos that only store data.

Easier Database Operations, Delivered

Spend less time worrying about outages and tuning, and deliver predictable and consistent performance to end users. Reduce costs associated with licensing and capacity and achieve 2x faster software development workflows.

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